Was heading out the door yesterday morning hustling the tiny terrorists into the truck to get them off to school when I received a phone call. Now I knew that whoever was calling did not know me. So I hurried to the phone. It was a lovely gentleman who was booking for the BBQ Christmas class on Dec. 6. I asked where he had heard of us (I alway like to know) and he said the Toronto Star?? I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jennifer Bain (Food Editor) aka The Saucy Lady from the Toronto Star had included the Diva Q Christmas BBQ Class in the Food section. That was really cool. Thanks so much. It is appreciated. Sadly she will not be able to attend. Wish she could have. I love talking to her about all things food. The picture they ran was the very first professional picture I had taken. I was leaning over a 300F WSM to get the smoke. Our old logo was in the back. It was the first big article written about Diva Q. The article was entitled Chicks in the Pit. Brings back memories of our first year. Wow. We have come a long way since then. I am proud of our accomplishments.


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