Ok so today is that magical day of the year when you are supposed to be all lovey and dovey with your significant other. You are supposed to magically transform yourself into a Goddess of love or whatever. Seriously WTFlip.  I hate Valentines Day. Well not so much hate as it really annoys the crap out of me.

How is it possible that this one day of the year is supposed to have some super meaningful significance?? There are 364 other days of the year it should be just as equally important.  I am not a huge fan of jewelery or flowers. In fact even my husband Vlado will tell you with some chagrin that for the last 7 years of our marriage I have returned just about every gift of jewelery he has ever given me. Why? He keeps trying. Seriously its not my thing.

However I will tell you this I have never once returned a video, book, bbq or wood product he has ever bought me. He is good like that. He knows me. Today on this supposed magical day of love (ack) he downloaded for me videos and clips and programs from the net all about BBQ. BBQ clips from Texas, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Memphis and hell even some clips on Canadian BBQ. Total monetary cost ; Zero. Nada Zip Zilch.  Total Value to me : PRICELESS!

I think this is so much better than some fake sugar coated flowery piece of prose on a hallmark card. Seriously unless those words have actually come out of his mouth I really don’t want them. Unless he personally grew those overpriced roses I really don’t want them.  Unless he did it himself and learned how to cook I also don’t want dinner reservations. Just not my thing. Not today at least. Seriously want to impress me? Do my laundry. Clean my house. Believe me there is nothing sexier to me than a clean house and no laundry to do. Ohh Baby that is a pure aphrodisiac right there.

Valentines is such an over-hyped overly produced holiday it makes me want to gag.  I hate walking into stores that show you every bobble and widget all dolled up for Valentines. Like you can buy LOVE? Please spare me. Love is hard work. Love is enduring the tough times and the good times. Love is showing compassion and kindness. Love is NOT a prepackaged heart full of crap chocolate. I have so much love for my husband and family that the one day is just never is enough. Same for the way I feel about my dear friends. So Valentines Day you can just go suck a lemon. I don’t need you for one day of the year. I am going to go bake some cookies with my kids, practice my competition chicken (thanks to my husband who also bought me 24 chicken thighs) and make a nice Sunday dinner. I will sit down with my family like we do every meal time, and at the end of the day I will tuck them in and tell them how much I love them. Like I do everyday.



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