Patience is a virtue when it comes to barbecuing, says host of ‘BBQ Crawl’

Published April 8, 2013 HUFFINGTON POST

by Lois Abraham 

TORONTO – Low and slow is Danielle Dimovski’s mantra.

She’s talking barbecue, when meats are cooked for a long time at low heat, rendering them smoky, tender, juicy and flavourful.

Patience is required to achieve best results.

Dimovski was introduced to barbecue about seven years ago when she was asked to judge a competition.

“I thought I knew what barbecue was — hamburgers and hot dogs, steaks and shrimp and that kind of stuff on the grill — and so we got to judge this contest and it was so incredible what we got — pulled pork, brisket and ribs and chicken,” she recalled.

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BBQ Like a Man, According to Women

Published June 13 2012 ESQUIRE

By Jim Shahin

Danielle Dimovski

She’s Canadian, for chrissakes. So what does she know about Southern barbecue? More than you might expect. Last year, Dimovski brought home the first-place trophy in the pork category at the biggest of big-time contests, the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue, held in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Here’s how she approaches equally un-Canadian jerk chicken.

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Smoke Signals: Canada grills U.S. in BBQ

Published July 12 2011  The Washington Post

Danielle Dimovski provides shots of inspiration to her Diva Q team. (Jason Rees) Ohhh, Canada, are you kiddin’ me?

Those hosers whupped the U.S. of A in barbecue! On the freakin’ Fourth of July, no less!

Getting beat in basketball at the Olympics was shameful enough. But this? This is a gut punch. It hits us where we eat.

Those who bemoan the decline of U.S. supremacy in the world must be wondering if there is a floor to this free-fall.

Let history record that on July 4 at the American Embassy in Ottawa, three Canadian teams smoked three U.S. teams in a barbecue throwdown. For the record, the contest pitted two top Canadian national teams, Diva Q and Can’t Stop Grillin’, as well as a local Ottawa team,Eatapedia, against a championship-level U.S. team, Missouri’s Natural Born Grillers, a team of military chefs and First Choice Catering of Memphis. The six teams cooked pork shoulder, pork ribs and chicken.

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Barrie mom wins inaugural ribfest title

Published July 11 2011 The Barrie Examiner

Morgan Ian Adams, QMI AGENCY

THORNBURY – A Barrie mom of three who turned a hobby into a profession was crowned queen of the ‘Q’ at the inaugural Blue Mountains Chili Ribfest, Saturday.

Danielle Dimovski – who barbecues under the title of Diva Q – turned in a perfect score for her brisket on the way to earning the grand champion title, along with an entry to the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue later this fall.

“I have not slept in the last two days, overanalyzing this contest,” said Dimovski as she leaned on the three-foot-tall grand champion trophy.

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He Grills She Grills

Published May 18 2010

By Jennifer Bain

Photo Credit – Bill Sandford for the Toronto star

He’s a “food entertainer’’ from Etobicoke who writes cookbooks, develops recipes, caters and teaches people how to grill.

She’s a competitive barbecuer from Barrie who’s carving out a niche for herself using briskets, pork butts, chickens and ribs.

Both Ted Reader and Danielle Dimovski (Diva Q) have oversized personalities and cooking talents they’ve applied to the grill instead of the stove.

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