TLC BBQ Pitmasters Gets a new host…and is looking for judges for the show.

There is a new host for season two of BBQ Pitmasters.  Kevin Roberts has been selected by TLC to host the second season of BBQ Pitmasters.

Kevin Roberts is an executive chef, cookbook author, sports bar owner, and radio & tv personality. Here is his bio from his website Munchies TV He also goes by the nickname “the Food Dude”

Recently he was on the Today show introducing him as the new host of TLC BBQ Pitmasters and his segment certainly elicited a variety of responses. The vast majority of those being unflattering. Between the incessant mustard shots and the advice to boil your ribs in beer it certainly made for cringe worthy TV in the eyes of many bbq’ers who vehemently oppose boiling ribs (I am in this group). He definitely got people talking on BBQ forums and foodie websites.

Overall until the show airs we will all have to wait and see how he fares as the new host with the new format. I would not dismiss him right now. The show I believe is being changed to appeal to a wider variety of audience. Not just competition BBQ’ers and our focus on the 4 main meats (brisket, ribs, chicken, pork butt) but more to the general public. Obviously there had to be changes to the format.  They averaged 900,000 viewers by all accounts that I have read against some tough other shows. The ratings must increase. How they get there remains to be seen. I wish the show and the future teams appearing on the show all the very best. My hope is that once again we see an increase in people coming out to the competitions and more people joining up to the various sanctioning bodies all over North America.

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Additionally if you are in the LA area and are a BBQ lover or look like a BBQ judge (seriously?? )

6 Responses to “TLC BBQ Pitmasters Gets a new host…and is looking for judges for the show.”

  • Sidman:

    “Kevin was also a Top Ten Finalist on The Next Food Network Star…”
    I knew that I recognized him from somewhere.

  • Andrew:

    Did he say 200-225 degrees for 40 minutes?

  • WOW…Probably the worst advice about BBQ I’ve ever seen. Notice he didn’t have anyone sampling his ribs. I hope someone works with him during the filming of the show.

  • Holy crap! I really would have like to have seen those ribs after 40 Minutes! Beer is for drinking not BOILING ribs.

  • I am withholding judgment until I see the show. Yes, it was a cringe worthy segment. But that was live TV and there has to be something that Markus and others see in their interviews and viewing of footage of him.

  • How does these guys who know next to nothing about food and something with some many nuances like BBQ, get these jobs?
    There are so many no minds on the Food Network as it is, now they are starting to make their way onto cooking shows on TLC?
    Seriously, that was the worst advice I’ve seen broadcasted nationally ever.
    My mother knows nothing about BBQ and she knows more than this guy.
    I love Pit Masters, and I hope his hiring isn’t the undoing of the show.
    Long live BBQ Pit Masters…

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