The Ultimate in Fathers Day Gifts -QUE A Barbeque Cologne by Pork Barrel BBQ


Fathers Day is right around the corner … and this is where I would usually give a list of great BBQ items you should be giving him. It would probably include Thermapens, Basque Charcoal, Traegers, Charbroil Infrared grills, Grill Charms, Branding Irons, BBQ Classes, BBQ T-Shirts, rubs and sauces or similar stuff. All those are great and fine …however this year give your Dad something he will never ever forget…..


Barbeque Cologne

Heath Hall & Brett Thompson the guys behind the Pork Barrel BBQ brand of sauces and rubs are at it again this time with something uber unique…..

Eau de Barbeque by Pork Barrel BBQ



Discover Que, the intriguing new fragrance from Pork Barrel BBQ. An intoxicating bouquet of spices, smoke, meat, and sweet summer sweat.

Que. A tantalizing fragrance that attracts the opposite sex, giving them whiplash as you saunter by.

Que. An alluring aroma that stops all conversations as others breathe in your presence.

Que. An Eau de Barbecue.

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One Response to “The Ultimate in Fathers Day Gifts -QUE A Barbeque Cologne by Pork Barrel BBQ”

  • I like Pork Barrel BBQ sauces and I love the success Heath and Brett have had. But I’m not sure about this one. I find the commercials funny and amusing, but I don’t find them to be a call to action. As an avid outdoor cooking enthusiast, I don’t see myself buying this. I’d much rather spend the $ on Pork Barrel sauces and rubs.

    Just my honest feedback. I hope I am in the minority and the product sells well.

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