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Thrill of the Grill Video from TV Cogeco

Ill be catching the blog up later this week. Things have been really busy since travelling to BC. Just got sent this recent video and thought to share it with you all!!

Plus make sure to tune in this Thursday August 12 to BBQ Pitmasters at 10pm EST 9C

Check out the newest Video Clips From TLC BBQ Pitmasters Season #2

You may just might recognize a few folks in the following video clips from TLC BBQ Pitmasters Season #2

Fun times with alligator. Believe me.

MMMMM Short Ribs & Sugar snap pea salad

I love a great short rib. I love beef ribs period.

I was craving some short ribs and had some company for dinner so it was a great night to make them.

Hovey’s Gourmet meats is where I got these beauties that had some terrific marbling and a good amount of beefy goodness.

I generously seasoned them with Traegers Prime Rib Rub and some additional sprigs of rosemary. Onto the grill for 3 hours at 250F.

While the ribs were getting happy I made a side salad. Sugar snap peas shelled, blanched and shocked.

Then I made the dressing. Thinly sliced red onions, segments of orange all marinated in a mixture of Kozliks Amazing Maple mustard, Sunrise Vinegar by Mr. Vinegar, salt, pepper, summer savory, and chives.

Tossed together and rested for a couple of hours in the fridge it was a nice fresh pairing contrasting  the decadence of the ribs:

Due to the heat wave we are experiencing we are eating dinner outside much later (thats my excuse and apology for the poor pictures). The ribs after 3 hours at 250F had some great color. I added 2 cups of low sodium vegetable stock to each pan and covered them to let them braise and tenderize for another hour.  I removed the pan juices and reduced them by half. I added some port and some grilled mushrooms. Served on the side.   They were lovely and delicious.

We paired the meal with a wonderful riesling!

Kevin Roberts new host of BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 on the Early Show today!

Kevin Roberts, the new host of TLC BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 was on The Early show this morning talking hot dogs. Yes. Hot dogs. It was probably a much safer topic than his previous appearance on the Today show with some rib cooking options. I liked his suggestion of a pickle bar versus chips. It is a much healthier idea for sure!  He is still taking shots but this time was Franks Red Hot! The Food Dude certainly is amusing with Chicago Style, Texas style and many more pimping out the hot dogs!!

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Here are the recipes that were featured!

Season 2 BBQ Pitmasters video From Smoke In Da Eye

New Video at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party-  Clint from Smoke in Da Eye Competition team. John Markus answers questions about the next season of BBQ Pitmasters . Make sure to check out the Smoke in Da Eye Blog as well.

TLC BBQ Pitmasters Gets a new host…and is looking for judges for the show.

There is a new host for season two of BBQ Pitmasters.  Kevin Roberts has been selected by TLC to host the second season of BBQ Pitmasters.

Kevin Roberts is an executive chef, cookbook author, sports bar owner, and radio & tv personality. Here is his bio from his website Munchies TV He also goes by the nickname “the Food Dude”

Recently he was on the Today show introducing him as the new host of TLC BBQ Pitmasters and his segment certainly elicited a variety of responses. The vast majority of those being unflattering. Between the incessant mustard shots and the advice to boil your ribs in beer it certainly made for cringe worthy TV in the eyes of many bbq’ers who vehemently oppose boiling ribs (I am in this group). He definitely got people talking on BBQ forums and foodie websites.

Overall until the show airs we will all have to wait and see how he fares as the new host with the new format. I would not dismiss him right now. The show I believe is being changed to appeal to a wider variety of audience. Not just competition BBQ’ers and our focus on the 4 main meats (brisket, ribs, chicken, pork butt) but more to the general public. Obviously there had to be changes to the format.  They averaged 900,000 viewers by all accounts that I have read against some tough other shows. The ratings must increase. How they get there remains to be seen. I wish the show and the future teams appearing on the show all the very best. My hope is that once again we see an increase in people coming out to the competitions and more people joining up to the various sanctioning bodies all over North America.

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Additionally if you are in the LA area and are a BBQ lover or look like a BBQ judge (seriously?? )

Plus even more Pitmasters Audition tapes

Rhoda Browns Smokin Fatties BBQ Pitmasters Audition

Rhythm ‘N Que!

Even more Pitmasters Auditions!!

Love seeing so many great audition tapes. I know some of these folks and I wish them all the best!!

Smokin Scotsmen!! FEAR THE KILT!!

Fire Fightin’ Cookin Crew !

Kentucky Smoke Squad

Team Unknown BBQ- Seriously funny video

Moe from Ponderosa BBQ~

Tarheel Smokers!!!

Southern Soul Barbecue Harrison Sapp

A Boy and his BBQ!

More audition tapes for BBQ Pitmasters Season 2

Whiskeybent BBQ

And here is the new Banner AD for BBQ Pitmasters

BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 Auditions on You Tube & Vimeo

Found these interesting auditions on youtube & Vimeo for BBQ Pitmasters Season 2

And also on Vimeo

Submission Video from Ryan McLain on Vimeo.

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