Barbecue Lovers Guide to Austin by Gloria Corral

I have been to Austin Texas and have eaten at a few joints. I loved the food there and the ambiance and it was a place I can’t wait to go back to. Texas holds a near and dear place to my heart. Gloria Corral has created a simple guide of over 70 joints all around Austin BBQ. The book is only $9.95 a great deal!

She moved to Austin in 2008 after living in San Francisco. She fell in love with all things BBQ and the lo and slow techniques. After travelling around eating at all these joints she came up with Barbecue Lovers Guide to Austin. (I would have loved to tag along with her for her adventure sounds like it was a blast! )

It really is a simple guide. 2 pages for each joint. All in black and white.

It does not offer much in the way of critiquing the food as it is just a road-map guide of BBQ joints all around Texas. I am ok with this- Its the perfect size to throw in your glove box if you are on a Texas adventure. I like the fact that there is a pinpoint map for each of the sections Downtown, East, South, North, West, Northwest Austin, Round Rock Area, the Outskirts and New In town.

Having done my own BBQ crawls in the past the maps are really user friendly allowing a person to maximize their time.

I even like he Barbecue Trivia and New In Town (Try the Shed!) sections at the back of the book.

The book has been so well received already that Gloria is working on the second edition with expanded content and recipes. Ill be sure to get that copy as soon as it comes out. Its sure to be equally if not more enjoyable than this first guide.


Mueller’s encompasses the whole package of BBQ. What makes this idyllic place so special is the Family behind it and their commitment to BBQ.

So as my friends Joey, Dave, Kelly and I got up to the counter we got ourselves a platter to try everything. The food was exceptional. The beef ribs the best I have ever had in all of North America period. Everything had good flavour great smoke and seasonings. And not to be disrespectful of the food but for some reason in this place the food was almost diminished in scope and importance because the history and the reverence for this incredible place takes over.
We had the very unique opportunity to have quite an extended conversation with Wayne Mueller, Bobby’s son. Sadly this past September Bobby passed away unexpectedly. His son and family are continuing the business. I think the words “continuing the business” do not do this family justice. They are doing more than that. They are working along in the same legacy in the same footprint and in the same path that Louie left.