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3 new Sauces & a Chicken practice….

As I was practicing chicken today I thought it would be a good idea to post about a few sauces I have recently acquired. All three have won various awards and it was easy to taste why.  I used all chicken thighs today. The rub on the thighs is the rub I use for competitions.  These are not my competition thighs these were the leftovers that I did not like the size and or shape of.

There are three new sauces I have never used before:

Heres how the color of the sauces compares:

Smoky Mountain Smokers Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Right out of the gate – I really liked this sauce a lot. Its got a great balance of heat and full bodied layered flavor. I love the flavor of chipotles and this sauce is packed with that wonderful flavor. I really do believe they have done a great job of layering in flavors. So many sauces are too one dimensional. This is more complicated. Its a really dark sauce in the bottle however when I used it on some of my reject chicken pieces today it wasn’t nearly as dark. It is not an overly thick sauce that you would have cut with something like apple juice. I would highly recommend it for your normal everyday use fridge stock.

Lambert’s Sweet Sauce o’Mine Barbecue

This is a really interesting sauce that I sure wouldn’t pass up. It’s very light at first. Light in flavor and as you continue eating it you get different levels of sweetness and heat. More on the fruity side it was really lovely on chicken. The sauce set up very nicely after putting it back on the heat for a few minutes. It wasn’t super sticky it just set up nicely.  It barely looked glazed however one bite in and it was full of flavor.  I am really looking forward to experimenting with this sauce on pork loins and other meats. I would highly recommend it.

Smoky Mountain Smokers Barbecue Sauce

I was really shocked at this sauce when I opened it up and tried it first on its own and then on some chicken.   I really think this is a sauce that would do really well in competition. It seems to hit a lot of the flavor profiles that I have been tasting in the last couple of years at competitions. It has notes of tamarind and black pepper. Two common ingredients in some of the competition sauces that are used by many. However this seems to take it a step further once again with the layering of flavors. Full of depth and continual flavor ending in a bit of residual heat that comes in on the end.  It is not the same as the other competition sauces I have used in the past but in my opinion it is better. Additionally it has that nice sheen to it when applied to chicken.  The color is great.  It has that really great mahogany hue. My pictures do not do it justice. I would highly recommend this sauce.

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