Spring is just about sprung and its always a good time to take stock of your grills, sauces and rubs as the warmer months approach..



BBQ Tip: Spring- Clean your grates the easy way- remove grates put them in oven & use cleaning cycle (always check Manufacturers instructions 1st)


BBQ Tip: Spring-perfect time to inspect grill hoses 4 cracks & wear turn gas on-listen 4 leaks be4 turning on burners. Turn off & replace!

BBQ Tip: Spring Buy a new good quality cleaning brush preferably with a replaceable head

BBQ Tip: Spring Check out your wood chip, chunk & charcoal levels. Stock up so you are always ready to get your grill on !!

BBQ Tip: Spring Check your rubs and sauces out make sure to replenish and replace any that are out of date or stale. Try some new ones!

BBQ Tip: Spring Along with maintaining a safe grilling/bbq area inspect your fire extinguisher gauge to make sure you are in the green area. Recharge if necessary.

BBQ Tip: Spring Buy a few large boxes of baking soda and have them handy- great to use for cleaning and snuffing out grease fires.

BBQ Tip: Spring Invest in a small notebook – keep a cooking log of food you make. That way if something is a success you can repeat the results!

BBQ Tip: Spring is a great time to try some new recipes check out Youtube, BBQ forums, and of course recipe sites for new inspiration! (avoid all with liquid smoke)

BBQ Tip: Spring find a good butcher & get to know your meat. They can provide you with tons of tips, advise on deals & share knowledge

BBQ Tip: Spring is an excellent time to invest in a new grill or BBQ. Get out & buy something new- Pellets, Charcoal & Gas all have different unique features.

BBQ Tip: Spring is a fantastic time to kick it old school with a stick burner. Imagine cool nights, thin wisps of smoke & the smell of wood & meat… awesome

Above all keep your grill clean, well oiled and full of tasty food!! Enjoy !!