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Grilled Potato & Chorizo Salad

I love a good grilled salad. I find that any grilling component combined with greens typically keeps me interested in eating something of the vegetable variety. This recipe is a riff on a friend of mines salad. Every year we host a potluck Christmas party. My friends Colleen, George and their 3 amazing kids come when they can. Colleen makes a terrific version of this salad with boiled potatoes (skin on) and sauteed chorizo with lots of parsley, salt, pepper and EVOO. I love how the paprika comes out of the chorizo and stains the potatoes in her version. Often you will find at this said party her dish is always pushed to the very back of the buffet table. I find that this inhibits our guests from eating too much and well I am left with more leftovers. Totally Selfish. Yes I know but heck at least I am honest about my strategic buffet placement. I have always had a hard time sharing her salad. It is great eaten hot or cold as is my version. Use whatever chorizo you can find. This was made with a mild Spanish version from PC.

Grilled Potato & Chorizo Salad


250Gr Chorizo
1.5 lb Small Potatoes ( I used PC Brand)
3 cup Flat Parsley leaves
3/4 cup Queso Fresco

2tbsp EVOO

1/2  cup Cold Pressed Olive Oil

3 tbsp Meyer Lemon Juice

1 tbsp dijon mustard

generous amounts of salt & pepper


In a small glass bowl mix the ingredients for the vinaigrette and set aside.

Preheat your grill to medium high heat.

Slice small potatoes in half and place in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for 8 minutes. Remove plastic wrap and toss with the 2 tbsp EVOO and a generous sprinkling of salt & Pepper.

Grill the potatoes and the chorizo for 5 – 10 minutes on each side until the potatoes have crisped on the outside.  Slice the chorizo into bite sized pieces. Toss the potatoes and the vinaigrette together.  Add the chorizo to the potatoes. Serve tossed with the parsley and top with the Queso Fresco. Add salt & pepper to taste. Yummy cold or hot.





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