Having sharp knives for me is a daily essential. Last year when I started traveling around a lot more I decided to invest in an electric sharpener. I can fully use a stone however having an electric sharpener makes it so much easier. Currently the model I own is this one:

Its a waring electric knife sharpener.It has 5 bays that do a fantastic job for me..

  • Two grinding wheels (fine/coarse) and a stropping/polishing wheel for professional performance
  • Grinds at optimum angle to increase the longevity of the knife
  • Patented reverse direction on stropping wheel
  • Magnetized, removable drawer captures metal shavings for easy cleaning
  • I paid $135.00 CDN for it. It was worth it.

    Today I found an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal:

    Do Knife Sharpeners Make the cut?

    A good sharpening that extends the life of a beloved knife is one of the best investments of these recessionary times. Norman Weinstein, knife-skills instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, recommends using a reputable professional instead of trying to sharpen your knives at home “because the learning curve for doing it yourself is so high.” Read More Here

    I have never entertained the notion of sending my knives in the mail. However I do know quite a few competition – BBQ’ers that will- at the start of the season in the US.  It is an interesting read.