MMMM Steak!


Back in 2009 I posted these pictures about how I like to do my steaks. I have found it is more juicy and much more beneficial to reverse sear steaks.  A friend of mine that writes a fantastic blog Greek Food & Beyond asked what steaks we prefer (my fav is a porterhouse- truly the best of all world).  It reminded me of this post I had done.

Start with an indirect method for charcoal. Maintain a grill level temp of between 225-250F

PLace your steaks on the indirect side of the grill. Close lid and bring the temperature of the steaks up to 115F internally.  Depending on your steaks thickness this can be 20-25 minutes.


Remove steaks and tent lightly with foil.  Bring your grill up to 400-500F

Return steaks to grill directly to form a great crust on both sides and an internal temperature of  125F Rare or 130F for medium rare.

Remove from grill and rest for 5-10 minutes.  As you slice into the steak you will notice that it is pink from top to bottom with no “gray line” .  The crust will be well developed. It will be much more juicy and flavorful throughout. I really encourage anyone to do this method and compare it side by side to a traditionally cooked steak seared first then with lower temperatures.