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Henry’s Smokehouse Greenville SC – I get an education in Southern hash

Henry’s Smokehouse Greenville SC

Made a visit to Henry’s Smokehouse with a few friends while I was attending the NBBQA. This place has a great vibe to it. Great interior decor!

From their website:

What’s the secret about the best BBQ in town? Pork butt cured to BBQ at Henry's Smokehouse

We used the best ingredients, the leanest butt in town. Our BBQ is cooked in the old fashioned Southern tradition. We place top choice meats in open BBQ pits with hickory logs and cook them to perfection at low temperatures. Henry’s cooks its pork butts for 12 hours and its ribs for over 8 hours.

If you have ever had meat cooked long and hickory logs in the BBQ pitslow, and experienced the fall-off-the-bone tenderness and the distinctive hickory flavor, you begin to understand, why Henry’s Barbeque is becoming legendary.


The staff are all super warm and friendly. Great people who were smiles from ear to ear and fun to talk with.

Their menu has a lot of options and one of those items is their BBQ hash. This was something I have never had before. I love a good hash full of corned beef, taters and onions. Did I ever get an education. Hash in the South is a whole lot different than Hash in the North. Oh my good gracious. I ordered the hash & rice.

Let me tell you what arrived on our plate resembled something that … well… to put it bluntly the cat might have thrown up. I wish there was another way to put it. There isn’t anything pretty about it at all. I did notice however that there were many other folks who were enjoying it.

As I tried some of it I knew instantly that this was just not for me. I am more than willing to try anything once. For me I won’t say it was bad just really different (some very sour notes, mushy texture, indistinguishable meat). TO those folks enjoying it all the best to you but I think I’ll pass in the future. Just not my cup of tea.

We ordered a couple of sample plates from the restaurant.

I really liked their sweet potatoes and  I enjoyed the pork with their spicy brown sauce.  I ended up purchasing a couple of bottles before leaving for the next place. It was a great balance of sweet, spice and mustard.

After we had eaten we had an opportunity to meet some of their fun staff. Billy the buttmeister can be seen above prepping the pork for the day. Bo the butt chopper was funny as heck as we talked in the back. Outside we got to speak with Tiger their pitmaster that has been with them for the last 20 years.

They use strictly hickory wood for their BBQ’s. They also set up quite a lovely outdoor picnic for the folks on the NBBQA bus tour. Southern hospitality all around!

It was a really interesting place to go and I am glad I got to try BBQ that was completely different than anything I had experienced before. The people that work there really care about their food. I really believe that even though you may not like somebody’s BBQ you can certainly appreciate the time they take to make it the care and concern they put into it. Its all about learning more about the different styles of #BBQ all over North America. Glad we stopped in for sure.

*******Please note the WIFI in our SC hotel was horrible. Could not update the blog. My apologies for the delays in posting. Additionally in the upcoming weeks I will be changing servers. Thanks for your patience.****************

The most expensive & delicious porchetta i’ll ever make.

I had a serious craving this week for porchetta. Not just any run of the mill porchetta I really wanted porchetta from The Stockyards. IF you are ever in Toronto go. Go for the porchetta and rapini sammie, go for the fried chicken go for the green chili burger … seriously just go and have everything on the menu. You will thank me. Unfortunately due to some commitments I can`t get to Toronto this week. So whats a BBQ lady to do….. make her own porchetta.

I started with a thinly sliced cored fennel bulb, a couple stalks of celery, onions, lots of garlic and some olive oil. I sweated them out till nice and soft. I added some additional fennel seeds (crushed in a mortar & pestle) salt & pepper with some oregano, parsley and shredded basil. I also added a tablespoon of red chili flakes and a couple of minced jalapeños.

I set this aside to cool completely and moved on to prepping a fresh pork belly. These are readily available at Highland farms. They always have them and they are very reasonably priced. The belly was scored very deeply. The reason I did this was to allow as much smoke to penetrate into the porchetta. I wanted to have a very prominent smoke flavor as part of the porchetta I was creating. In addition to prepping the belly I also zested 3 lemons and finely minced two packages of rosemary. Once the belly was scored I mixed the rosemary & lemon zest with enough olive oil to make a paste. Fifteen cloves of garlic were slivered and added to the mix. I was looking for big bold flavorful porchetta cracklin. The last step was a very generous sprinkling of kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

Once that side was completely seasoned I covered it in plastic wrap and laid on a tea towel. I flipped the whole kit and caboodle over to work on the interior. One of the key flavors I wanted to come through with the porchetta was fennel. I had read on a few boards and posts that fennel pollen was the key. I tried to find some locally to no avail so I substituted ground fennel. I ground it to a fine powder and seasoned the belly with it. The next step was a substitution as well. I wanted pancetta on the inside of the belly. However I made a commitment to my freezers to empty them out this year completely so I have given up buying anything I have a reasonable substitute for. Bacon was my answer. Not a lot just a few slices. Double smoked good quality bacon.

Going back to the softened fennel bulb and onion mixture…. It was now cooled completely and it was time for it to be introduced to the belly. I slathered it on top of the bacon slices.

Now for the interior meat. There were lots of things I could have used – ground pork, sausage, or pork loin were a few options I entertained. However once again freezer inventory came into play. I have over 100lbs of pork butt in just one of my freezers. It just made sense to use them for the interior. So I pulled out a package of two a few days ago.

The pork butts that I have all have bones. The first step was to debone the butts something I do very infrequently. It wasn`t pretty but I did get the job done. The next part was to decide what parts and muscles of the butts I would use. I decided on the money muscles from each and some from around the bone . The remaining parts of the butt and the bones are going to be used in a posole soup.

At this point its all about tying this little piggie up and leaving it to marinate for the night. It was massive. Very heavy and barely fit on my largest of commercial baking pans. Off to the garage for the night.

Earlier today I pulled my little piggie out and put it on one of my Traeger grills. I admit. I wussed out. I had planned on finishing it on the charcoal weber performer but with -10C and snow falling I finished it completely on the Traeger.
For the first 4 hours it was at 225F then for the remaining hour it was 375F. I used apple and hickory pellets. I pulled it when the internal temperature was 160F.

After taking the porchetta off I rested it for almost half an hour very lightly tented. Then it was time to slice.

It was absolutely delicious. Truly one of the best things I have made in the last couple of years. Everyone in our house including our almost vegetarian daughter loved it.

However that is not the only part of this story…… the reason that this is the most expensive porchetta I will ever make is due to the yummy yummy crackling. I can`t resist it. I saw some beautiful crunchy pieces on the porchetta that I had to have. As I was indulging in its salty crust and beautiful texture and full flavored pork goodness…. I heard a crunch. It wasn`t from the pork. Instantly I knew… I had broken a tooth. So be warned. This is a delicious recipe but it may just cost you a tooth. ( I still think it was worth it)

Swamp Boys Championship BBQ Team Cooking Class June 25-26

Sometimes you just wish you could be in two places at once………….

If I wasn’t already booked for a competition I would be going to this next weekend. Rob “Rub” Bagby is a top notch competitor and an all around really great guy with a proven track record for getting terrific results!!

I have heard many extol the virtues of this class after taking it. I sure wish I could have made it down for his excellent BBQ Cooking Class.

You can also find Swamp Boys on Facebook and also you can catch up with them on their BLOG and Website

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