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Pineapple Stand Chicken and Plowboys Pineapple Jerk Chicken

This weekend its Carib fest here in my hometown of Barrie Ontario. To celebrate I thought it would be nice to have some jerk chicken.. I have a terrific recipe for homemade Jerk seasoning but it has quite a few steps. The best alternative ?? Open the cupboard and pullout my bottle of plowboys jerk seasoning.   In our house we have little ones that are not fans of jerk seasoning so we did pineapple chicken two ways. One with just salt & pepper and the other with jerk seasoning.

To start we made stands for our chickens using 2 pineapples. Super easy to do – just cut the pineapple into a base for a chicken. The pineapple steams from within adding lots of moisture and a light flavoring of pineapple. For an additional pineapple boost grill off extra slices and serve along with the chicken.

Season the chicken and place on the pineapple throne.  Cute presentation.  This would be fun for a dinner party.  I used hickory pellets on the traeger this weekend. The breast was 163F and the thigh was 178F when I pulled it off to rest for 10 minutes prior to carving.


This chicken is super moist and tasty. Great way to use up leftover pineapples.



It takes a small army to get team Diva Q to California

I want to take a moment to publicly thanks some really fine folks who really went out of their way to help us get all our gear to California to tape the episode of BBQ Pitmasters.

Traeger Canada

wood pellet grills we use everywhere! We used the Traegers to make some of the alligator, to bake the corn bread muffins, the alligator tacos, and also to do the ribs.

Basques Charcoal

we love this all natural sugar maple lump ! While they didn’t show it we used Basques Charcoal to grill the alligator and also to make our beans. They were awesome!!


for their yardbird , bovine bold plus their new JERK rub they rock and we love to use them.

Butcher BBQ

for their injections and rubs we love to use them. Trust your butcher. We do.

Smokey Mountain Smokers

for their excellent cutting boards rubs and sauces we love to use them.

and some personal thanks……

Sylvie Curry thank you so much for letting us use your WSM! We appreciate it and getting to have dinner with you was just wonderful so glad we were able to.

Neil ” Big Mista” Strawder (who I do believe has some of the best BBQ in LA! ) for hooking us up with loads of stuff so we didn’t have to take it on the plane. Thank you for making us feel welcome in California. For those of you in California make sure to check out Big Mista’s BBQ !

To my team Angie Quaale and my beloved husband Vlado I could not have had any better a team than ours. I am proud of what we did. You are both the bomb. Heres to yet another BBQ adventure!!!

Coming in second bites royally. We went in to win it however I am still happy with the food we put out.

John Markus, Jon Sechrist, Jordan Mallari, Lindsay Freed, Michael Gretza, Original Media, & TLC thank you for continuing to promote BBQ on TV and for all your help. I appreciate it.

Thanks to all the fine folks who sent us twitter messages, facebook messages and a whole whack of emails during the show. Really cool to have so much support. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Till the next time you see me on tv…………

Remember life is too short for bad BBQ!!

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