Credit- Better Homes and Garden

I love Vintage and vintage inspired BBQ prints, videos, commercials and posters. So on this dreary rainy day (Well its rainy in Barrie not sure about where you live) Here are some that make me smile.

Lets have a BBQ!~


Credit: Retro


I may take a pass on the spam kabobs.

The kid in the blue shirt is seriously suffering from BBQ enthusiasm gone wild.

Well isn’t this a picture perfect humdinger of a BBQ.

Well heck I am a diet coke lover but the “Sociables prefer Pepsi” Heels check! Jewelry Check! Chick trying to shove a veggie burger into his mouth check!

Credit I Stock Photo

Yes because we all know how well tobacco ashes and BBQ taste great together.

Originally Mary was hot for Johns buff arms and plaid shirts…. then she was captivated by his ability to grill bacon and she knew it was love….

Love this pic. The clean lines of that vintage BBQ make her thighs look very thin. (And on another note I own this vintage charcoal grill in lime green)

Americas’ Ginger Upper is Canada Dry?

Jane was caught in a torrid love affair with two men. She could only choose based on BBQ skills.

Dude you may love that beer but you seriously need to get some better fitting pants.

Huckleberry Hound knows his BBQ!!

Really- this ad just makes me want to hurl.

Everything was going great until Linus and Lucy showed up.

oooooo 7 spices…

Genius takes many forms….

Happy Folks eating BBQ!

Yes because as well all know cutting an ass out of your life makes you smile..

Magical floating grill on grass…

Manly man grilling up a dinosaur sized steak!

Oooo asbestos perfect for the grill….

I have no words for this one…..

Their pit cooked BBQ cooked the Southern way!

As we all know having your face two to three inches from the grill at all times is essential for grilling success.

Grilled Lobster tails and a coke? I’d hit it..

Just saying the cover picture may not be the most enticing …

Ok the skinny cook needs to eat more BBQ and cut back on the collagen lip injections.

You gut some eatin thats world beatin!

Awww cmon party quarts? Get a keg and have a real shindig!

Dahhhhling I gave the chef the night off…

Lip smacking goodness!



It promotes fellowship and good fun!