One little tweet. Thats all it took for the BBQ community to get all in a kerfuffle about a new Season of BBQ Pitmasters

To all our great diehard BBQ Pitmasters fans, good news in the works. Check for an announcement. Things are moving quickly!
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2 days later a post on the BBQ Forum provided a link to the information:


BBQ Pitmasters is back!
Season 3 begins shooting in March!!

Good Luck to everyone sending in their audition tapes!!  I had a blast doing the show in Season 2.


Of course the debate about BBQ on tv continues on. Well documented by one of my favorite BBQ blogs

The BBQ Brethren

Lots of discussions are going on here.


Saturday May 28, 2011- 2pm CBS

Once again executive producer John Markus is putting BBQ on TV. This time however its the major network CBS!  This will potentially be the largest audience ever to watch a BBQ competition. John seems to be doing all he can to bring BBQ to the forefront of folks minds on TV. Hate it, love it, like it, or tolerate it JM has done more for putting BBQ on TV than any other person.  It surely hasn’t been easy.

Arm chair critics en masse made many seriously derogatory remarks about past formats, the venues, the type of BBQ being made and heck even the people participating.  He has seriously taken many lashings from the vocal competitive BBQ community. Despite having almost a million people tune in each episode from past seasons of BBQ Pitmasters he still seems to be fighting to get BBQ on tv. The good thing for all of us – he hasn’t given up. I have a feeling this may be his best work yet. Real BBQ in real situations in real time with judges who have credentials that can’t be beat.

I can’t wait to watch it.


At the invitation of   Huck’s Hut We did an interview for a podcast with John Markus to talk about the show. The link to the show and the entire interview  is: Also folks can subscribe to receive the podcasts via itunes here:

Some of the highlights of the interview:

What sets this show apart from the previous shows (BBQ Pitmasters seasons 1&2 etc) that you have done prior?

JM: This show is the 5th incarnation. It is the culmination of the shows from the past presented in the way that I wanted. It is set apart by the judging as well:

The Judging – its  really distinct from everything else- Mike Lake .. well  Mike is sorta like the Eiffel tower of judging he is a landmark guy full of integrity, Chris Lilly is now becoming the Lance Armstrong of winning – with his win of the MIM and Dr. BBQ – integrity &   authentic judging.

Is CBS less over your shoulder than TLC?

JM: CBS in partnership with TBS was totally hands off. This is the kind of freedom I got from Cosby show. I had freedom to set up. They did not get up on set. Kingsford Marketing department was really a delight. We only had budgetary constraints.

Why are you so beloved of Myron?

I have admiration of Myron as a personality. I called him up and after I saw the first cut of the show. You know Myron – you are not an angel. You came off as a bad guy and Myron said “good”. Thats is a guy that is ok alienating some people and he is a character I have a lot of affection for. I reserve a special place for him and he is old school. He has a tremendous amount of integrity and how he conducts his business and cook.

What projects are you currently working on ?

JM:  I am working on a script for a sitcom : 3 generations of a BBQ family in Alabama I pitch in a couple of weeks I’d like to call it :  Love Death & BBQ


From Clint Cantwell Smoke in Da Eye :

Memorial Day weekend is going to get a whole lot hotter as CBS unveils The Ultimate BBQ Showdown. Airing at 2pm ET on Saturday, May 28th, this one hour special pits four seasoned outdoor cooks against one another in a live competition barbecue setting. Joining the battle for bragging rights, the Kingsford Cup and a whole lot of cash are the “winning-est man in BBQ,” Myron Mixon; the professor himself, Tuffy Stone; Neil “My friends call me Bigmista” Strawder; and the guy who put Bubba in Bub-Ba-Q, Bubba Latimer. Who’ll rise above the smoke and flames? You’ll have to tune in to see!

* Make sure to check out Clints You Tube account for the video trailer for the Ultimate BBQ Showdown!


The Judges:

Chris Lilly (Big Bob Gibsons) , Ray Lampe (Dr. BBQ) , and Mike Lake (Past president KCBS) all are seasoned bbq Veterans and they all know what it takes to compete.   Without question these are serious BBQ judges. They know their stuff inside and out. There is no question of credentials here.

The Cooks:



William ” Bubba ” Latimer & Shannon Latimer


I asked Bubba for a few of his thoughts on the show:

What was your experience like on the Ultimate BBQ Showdown?

WBL: It was absolutely incredible. The format of the show was just – I think it was what a lot of people are looking for in a BBQ show. Its a no bullshit set up. We have a timer we have meats to cook and that’s it.

How was your experience?

WBL: If they called me today I would go in a heartbeat- if they called me to drive to Kansas tonight I would. The food network thing was more profiling the BBQ and all that but this was taken to a complete other level. I wouldn’t even think twice about it. It was just too cool. One of the things I liked is that it was just the 4 of us. Four well seasoned cooks and at any given point at time anyone could have won the show. I think everyone turned in great food. We were able to do it and have a good time with it. There was some smack talk. Some of the intriguing things was that it was made like it  was as instructional as possible. The viewing public will want to see it whether it be a pro or anyone in their backyard – it is geared towards anyone.

Why did you do the show?

WBL:  I did the show realistically because I am into all BBQ stuff. We have had former experiences doing TV like this but the fact that it was more realistic other than Pitmasters was great.  When John Markus told us about the concept it was just the more realistic show that I could think of. It wasn’t staged. It wasn’t scripted. Just like all of us going out competing. Very nice to know there was a monetary prize. No one upfront knew that there was a money prize. Mentioned there was a trophy but not money that wasn’t the reason for going. Honestly it wasn’t a reason for me. It seemed real. The fact that we were on an uncontrolled set made it that much more interesting. From me to my cooker to the plastic fence was a foot. The general public was there. There was 10,000 + ppl there passing by. So different than being on a controlled set like Pitmasters. You knew you were there for a real contest.

Which show did you like better BBQ Pitmasters or Ultimate BBQ Showdown?

WBL: Showdown – hands down.  I would do it again in a heartbeat no matter what anyone has to say.  It is not at all a good thing to see someone go home. This one (Ultimate)I like the fact that it is limited time frame. What I liked most is that there just wasn’t any bullshit. To me that summed the whole thing up.  On pitmasters there was no down time it was just go go go go go and you get distracted. Once they tell you whats going on the show thats it. Take off and go. On Ultimate BBQ Showdown there was level food all the way across for all competitors. Nobody had an advantage food wise.

As a couple team with your wife Shannon – how is your experience different than others?

This is definitely a little different – the pitmaster is always the main cook and then you have that assistant with you – this had short time frames so she was more involved with what was going on. Probably the best experience for us cooking together. There is a lot of drama happening in a short period of time. Knowing that it just needs to get taken care of. She has always brought something to the table. This one felt like we really worked more together. When we compete on the road I feel like I do more alone. But this one I really relied on her. Part of it has to be because of the format. I absolutely loved it.

With both of us there it was really cool..

What did you think of the Judges?

Well the nice thing is we are talking about well qualified judges. Chris Lilly and Dr. BBQ – guys that have years of expertise in BBQ from judging from competing to operating a restaurant to all around being involved with BBQ   Its not someone who just enjoys the food. Really know what they talk about. Mike Lake- has trained who knows how many judges. I don’t think you could have any better non biased judging.

Bub-Ba Q Website





Neil “Bigmista” Strawder

Bigmista’s Barbecue

Neil had just arrived in Phoenix Arizona for a Fresh & Easy TV appearance and is currently slated to do multiples of store appearances with Fresh & Easy. These are a few of his thoughts on the show.

How was your experience on the show?

NS:  It was a lot of fun. Really great. Talked a lot of smack. Had a few adult beverages. We all enjoyed each other. It was really easy to be there.  We even liked the judging.

Do you think it will appeal to more non BBQ people?

NS: I think it will appeal to a lot of people. A little more laid back. There are no strange ingredients just a couple of little twists. Nothing a person could not handle – no alligator. It was a fun cook.

Why did you do the show? How did you get on the show?

NS:  They asked me. (he says laughing)  It sounded like fun. When they told me about it – I asked how much would it be like BBQ Pitmasters. They promised I would not have to cook strange ingredients. Its not going to an actual KCBS contest but it was closer to KCBS. NO insane pressure . We were in the parking lot of the final 4 in Houston. I got a chance to go see my Mom in Galveston-it was a no brainer for me.

Who cooked with you on the show?

NS: I had my friend George from pitmaker .com and he brought me this beautiful cooker.  He is a good cook in his own right. He was a soldier. He had it in my hand alredy. Mad props to that. While everyone else drove in I flew in and it was easier on me.



What sets this apart from BBQ Pitmasters?

NS: Well for one the judges are all BBQ guys. There is no “celebrity” judges or chefs. The people there know BBQ. Cooking for them was great. Those guys are all masters. That was a big part of it right there.

Would you do the show again if given the chance?

NS: In a heartbeat.



Myron Mixon

Jack’s Old South


Tuffy Stone

Q Barbecue


Saturday May 28, 2011- 2pm CBS



It should come as no surprise that  Myron Mixon has an upcoming book deal. He is a walking talking BBQ business machine and he is all about gettin’ paid!

It is being reported by GalleyCat that the book deal with Ballantine Trade Paperbacks will have Myron sharing tales from his travels, smoking good recipes and anecdotes and will be titled Smokin’ with Myron Mixon THe book will be on the shelves May 2011.

About Myron Mixon:

I am Myron Mixon, Chief cook of Jack’s Old South Competition Bar-B-Que Team. I started Jacks Old South in 1996 as a way to promote our family Bar-B-Que sauce, which was made by my mother and father, Gaye and Jack Mixon.

We competed in our first competition in Augusta, Ga. where we took 1st place in Whole Hog, 1st place in Pork Ribs and 3rd in Pork Shoulder. Since the beginning, we have won over 180 grand championships resulting in over 1700 total trophies, 30 state championships including wins in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Illinois, South Carolina, and Tennessee, Team of the Year 8 times, and 11 national championships.

We have also taken three first place whole hogs at the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbeque Competition. Additionally, we have been the Grand Champion at the World Championship in Memphis three times, in 2001, 2004 and 2007. We have also taken first place in the Whole Hog category at the World Championship in 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2007.

Jack’s Old South has been the Memphis in May Team of the Year with the highest number of points for 8 years, from 1999 through 2004, and also 2007 and 2009. We are also the only team to win Grand Championships in Memphis in May, Kansas City BBQ Society and Florida BBQ Association in the same year.

As a result of all of our success on the various BBQ circuits, we have been featured on several television networks, including the Food Network, Discovery Channel, the History Channel,the Travel Channel and the BBQ All Stars on the Versus Network.

Mastering the art of Bar-B-Que’ing has lead to the development of our own line of Jack’s Old South Grills and Smokers, as well as being the instructor for the Bar-B-Que Cooking School.

Myron Mixon can be followed on twitter @Lord_of_Q and on facebook.


Myron Mixon one of the judges from Season 2 BBQ Pitmasters makes a return visit to the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson.
Too funny.
Part 1

Part 2


I figure its only right to finally post my own BBQ Pitmaster audition tape. No matter what I am happy that I submitted it and took a chance to be on the BBQ Pitmasters show. Since the beginning of the series I made no secret that I want to be on the show. I think TV needs more BBQ shows. It has only been good for all facets of BBQ from restaurants to products and all competitions. I think they need a Canadian Chick that knows how to BBQ.




Well I never made any secret of it. I made a DVD and am submitting it to BBQ pitmasters today. I have no clue if I fit the bill or if I will get to be on it but I at least can say I tried. Its better to have tried and failed then never to have tried at all. Who knows if they want a mom of 3 from the suburbs. I don’t come from a BBQ background. I didn’t grow up in the South. I didn’t even try really great BBQ until  a few short years ago.  Plus theres that whole I am a Canadian Chick in the pits thing. Oh and seriously I don’t look a model. I don’t own a jambo. I use pellets and charcoal. I don’t have a fancy schmancy rv. I sleep on a military cot in my bare bones yet functional cargo trailer.   Hmmm. Oh well. At the end of the day no one knows if they have what they are looking for. This I do know for sure. I can talk well on TV. Cameras don’t scare me, I am unlike anyone else out there and I know I make some really damn fine BBQ. I hope all my BBQ friends have submitted tapes. goodness knows there are a whole lot of really interesting personalities out there.

Over the last two weeks I have received tons of emails and talked to lots of BBQ folk about the new season. The responses are really varied. Some are very cynical and state they think JM already has his picks and he is doing this to keep people off his back. Others say this is just a ploy to get more attention. Personally I don’t really care one way or another. I think its a good idea to ask for submissions. Makes sense to me.

Additionally some people have stated they hate the new format already. Um I am not sure I understand this since none of use really know what exactly the new format is. Right now its just a bunch of talk. A bunch of guesses.Seriously Ill reserve judgment for when I actually see the new format.

This is what was posted from John Markus Exec Producer BBQ Pitmasters:

It’s official. Our new format features FOUR different pitmasters competing in EACH episode. We are looking to augment our cast from last season and welcome all interested cooks to throw their aprons in the ring. Send your audition tape/DVD, selling us on why you should be picked to compete against the best. To: Lindsay Freed c/o Original Media, 38 E. 29th St., 8th FL, NY, NY 10016. Or, you can email a file of your audition to Send your ?’s there as well. Shooting schedule April 30th – June26th. Good luck and see you on the trail!

Then there are a few posts from JM on Twitter:
It’s official. BBQ Pitmasters Season #2 picked up by TLC. Will be posting info on casting within the hour here and on various BBQ forums.
Audition tapes/DVDs, under 5 min! Sell us on you/your team! Lindsay Freed c/o Original Media, 38 E. 29th St. 8th FL. NY, NY 10016. GetGoin’!
Or, send a file of your audition to Shoot schedule runs from April 30 – June 27. Send ?’s there as well.
Going over the schedule for Pitmasters 2. Dammit man, we’re putting the miles on. But I can truly say, we’ll be at an event near you!
To all those hopefuls vying for a place on Pitmasters 2: BBQ Skills + Personality + Showmanship + Authenticity. In under five minutes!
Submissions for Pitmasters now arriving in waves. You ladies who ‘Q, & I’ve seen all y’all, jump in already! Starting to screen tomorrow.
Screened all day. To all you cooks about to make audition tapes–ladies, ya listenin?–Don’t just tap the bell. RING the bell! (Mel Brooks)
Saw some real keepers 2day. Hate 2 B a tease, ‘Q’rs, but a few of U hit it outa the park. (Okay, I luv the tease part–sorry). Want more!

There was even a mention of the new format here:

TLC To Revamp `BBQ Pit Masters’ Series

Network To Knead Reality Show Into Competition Format

by R. Thomas Umstead — Multichannel News, 3/15/2010 12:11:53 PM

TLC is hoping to add some sizzle to its freshman cooking reality series BBQ Pit Masters by changing its programming recipe from a docu-reality show to a competition-based series for its second season.

BBQ PitThe series, which followed the exploits of several barbeque cooking experts, averaged 900,000 total viewers and posted double digit increases for the network among male viewers during its first season, which ended last month.

The new season will feature a weekly competition between several chefs, with each weekly winner eventually squaring off against each other in the final episode, according to TLC officials. The show will feature BBQ Pit Masters stars such as Myron Mixon and Le Ann Whippen in “some capacity” on the show, said TLC officials.
BBQ Masters joins Cake Boss, Ultimate Cake Off and Cupcake Sisters as cooking-related shows on the Discovery Communications-owned network this year.

Overall I think no matter what its just more exposure for competition BBQ and really I think thats whats most important. Get it out there to more of the public. Let them know how much fun it is. How great the people are.


There is going to be a Season 2 of BBQ Pitmasters!!!

Confirmed with John Markus today : Our new format features FOUR different pitmasters competing in EACH episode. We are looking to augment our cast from last season and welcome all interested cooks to throw their aprons in the ring!!! Great news for all those guys and gals who want to be on the show. Here is how you can apply! Good luck to all those who send in their DVD’s!

For Season 2 BBQ Pitmaster Auditions: tapes/DVDs, under 5 min! Sell us on you/your team! Lindsay Freed c/o Original Media, 38 E. 29th St. 8th FL. NY, NY 10016. Get Goin’!

Or, send a file of your audition to Shoot schedule runs from April 30 – June 26. Send ?’s there as well.