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Sensuous Slather…. Carnal Sin…. Valentines Meat Cake !

As friends of mine can attest I really don’t like Valentines Day at all. It puts too much pressure on people to express their true love (albeit in a Hallmark manufactured way).

However this year… I decided to do Valentines day my way…. In a way that I can express my own feelings  to my family. Now I love to cook and BBQ all year round.  I also love to play in my kitchen. I have done a few meat cakes in the past for friends… they are always well received.

Todays cake ingredients;

Pecan Wood Chips

Basques all Natural Sugar Lump Charcoal

Mix 2lbs Sausage  (out of casings), 2 lb ground beef and a generous amount of minced bacon ( I used 1/2 pound) . Add in jalapeños, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, carnal sin rub and sriracha sauce.  Please note there is no recipe for the add ins. Just make meatloaf how you like it. As long as it holds together well it will be just fine to smoke.  If you prefer to add less or more of something then do whatever floats your boat……

I molded them into two cake pans . Then I made them into the shape of a heart. If you have heart shaped pans all the best to you.  I use what I have. I am not running to Wally world every time I don’t have the most ideal tool. I try to just make things work.

Invert them onto cutting boards or sheet pans layered with plastic wrap.  The plastic wrap is important as it will allow you to lift the loaves up and flip them onto the grill.

I used the indirect method of cooking on my weber OTG using my Weber Char-Basket Charcoal Fuel Holders .  If you don’t have these no worries just place a disposable aluminum pan in the middle of the bottom grill and add charcoal to either side of it. Works just fine and the aluminum pan will also catch the drippings.

Grill temp was 250F and I used the pecan chips every 1/2 hour till done. A couple handfuls is all you need.

After a half hour..

When they reached 155F  (ok so I missed it by a couple of degrees) – Glaze with Dinosaur Sensuous Slather and BBQ for an additonal 5 minutes or until the sauce is set. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recommends all ground beef be cooked to  74°C (165°F) ( I can’t cook in Celcius I cook in Fahrenheit but just in case you do thats what they say) They were 157.5 when I pulled them …. personally I would have liked them done a wee bit less…

After they have been removed from the grill add a heaping mound of your favorite dry cheese to one of the meatloaves. ( Don’t  add brie or other soft cheese here…. it will just run off)  I used an aged old cheddar.  Then top with the other loaf.

I made mashed potatoes ( using 4 very large taters) then added cream, mascarpone cheese, white pepper, and a wee bit of butter. I wouldn’t normally get fancy schmancy with the white pepper but I want this to look like icing. A nice tip to get super smooth mashed taters is to run them through a food mill or ricer first. They will be nice light fluffy and lump free…. . Or you could be like me and have broken both your ricer and your food mill and you come up with something that will work just fine. I pressed the potato mixture through one of my large strainers and it worked really well. ….

Spread the mashed potatoes on the cake to completely cover – just like icing. And if you have some talented piping skills you could also pipe on mashed potatoes.

IF you are feeling very creative write something catching or snazzy on your cake in Sriracha sauce or even hot sauce.. I mean really I was creative with this writing. UGH….. What I wanted to write was: Suck it Valentines day I think you are an over-hyped- overly materialized consumerism driven day  - but I just didn’t think it would fit.  That and the kids were watching…


The meat loaf cake was tasty and yummy and really thats all that mattered… Happy Valentines Day to you and yours…Let me know if you make this and send pictures!! Ill post them on the blog and heck there might even be a prize involved…

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