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Congratulations !! BBQ Makes Everything Better wins Gourmand World Cookbook Award “Best BBQ Cookbook”

I was thrilled to read today that the book BBQ Makes Everything Better one of my top picks for Christmas Gift giving this year has won one of the most prestigious awards that can be won by a cookbook ;

Gourmand World Cookbook Award  Best Barbecue Cookbook !!!

Huge congratulations to Aaron Chronister & Jason Day authors of the cookbook and owners of the awesome website BBQ Addicts. I am a huge fan of theirs and they are truly awesome guys.

Heres the review I did of their book back in April. Its a terrific book that I would recommend you get , give , share and cook from !!

One of my favorite BBQ appetizers MOINK balls gets some press !

I love MOINK balls. Just love them. So easy to make so easy to serve and one of the most perfect bites of BBQ happiness in my opinion. So I was more than pleased to get to make them for Jennifer Bain Food Editor from the Toronto Star.

Here is the LINK to the online article on MOINK balls. Glad to see Larry Gaian is getting some press for this as well as Jason Day and Aaron Chronister from BBQ Addicts – BBQ Makes everything Taste better!

For the recipe featured in the Toronto Star I used:
Hovey’s Gourmet Meats Ground Beef
Hovey’s Gourmet Meats Double Smoked Bacon
Traeger Prime Rib Rub
Dried parsley
Garlic Pepper
Butcher’s BBQ Honey Rub
Sweet Baby Rays Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce

Diva Q MOINK balls

1 pound ground beef

1 pound double smoked bacon (slices cut in half)

2 teaspoons prime rib rub

2 tablespoons dried parsley

1 tablespoons garlic pepper

1/4 cup Butchers BBQ honey rub

1/2 cup Sweet Baby Rays Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce

In a medium size bowl mix the ground beef and spices. Form into meatballs approximately 1 ounce each. Wrap each meatball with half a slice of bacon and secure with toothpick. Sprinkle the MOINK balls with Butchers BBQ Honey Rub.

Prepare the grill for indirect cooking. Preheat grill to low temperature approx 250⁰F (120⁰C).  Use hickory chunks or chips depending on your grill.

Please note if using a gas grill the smoker packet will need to be replaced every half and hour.

Place the MOINK balls on the grill for 2 hours. Temp probe the meatballs ensuring they are at least at minimum 160⁰F  internal temperature. When the bacon is crispy glaze with the BBQ sauce and turn the heat to 350⁰F (176⁰C) until the sauce is caramelized. Serve warm.

** Warning these are highly addictive!

BBQ Makes EVERYTHING Better – New BBQ Cookbook

The long awaited BBQ book featuring the Bacon Explosion is going to be available May 4, 2010  on Amazon !

The grill geeks Jason Day and Aaron Chronister became friends over the flames of the grill – they have been teammates on the award winning competitive BBQ team, Burnt Finger BBQ for years. Barbecuing and competing together, they realized they were a match made in hog heaven.

I have had the chance to review the book and it covers so much. The cover with its shot of a Bacon Explosion will get your mouth watering. It only gets better and better. While I believe that there could have been more pictures the content is solid.

Something that is really unique is a section that states that included with the book is a password necessary for accessing the members only area of the companion website run by the authors. is full of additional recipes and ideas that coincide with the recipes and information within the book. (my password was on page 223) Thats even more value for the price of the book!

I also appreciate the beer and wine pairing recommendations with many of the recipes. Its a great idea.

Here are the Chapters in the book:

Chapter 1- Equipment Methods and Techniques

Chapter 2- Bacon

Chapter 3- Parties and Tailgates

Chapter 4- Burger Heaven

Chapter 5- Fatties for every occasion

Chapter 6- The Liquor Shelf

Chapter 7- International Barbecue

Chapter 8- Leftovers

Chapter 9- Wives Girlfriends and mistresses

Chapter 10-Desserts

There are lots of recipes and fun anecdotes to review. What a great book to own or to give as a gift.  I HIGHLY recommend this book for the recipes. It is not just some glossy book that will sit on the shelf and look pretty. The recipes are clear easy to understand and adaptable to any grill.

A while back I had the opportunity to interview Jason about the book and the whole phenomenon that is the Bacon Explosion:

Ill be posting that interview on the day the book is available for sale in May. It was a great interview.

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