I have been regularly contributing to a terrific round table podcast presented by Hucks Hut. This episode was a great discussion with John Markus Executive Producer of BBQ Pitmasters on the TLC Network.

This weeks episode involves John answering a lot of questions about the show and himself in addition there was a great discussion on Super Bowl food!. Great recipes too!  Listen HERE

Also just a reminder this show is part of the BCRN The BBQ Central Radio Networks


Its Tuesday and that only means one thing to me for tonight- Ill be listening to the BBQ Central Radio show.

The online presence of BBQ expanded yet again this last week. Greg Rempe the uber host of BBQ Central Radio unveiled a new Barbecue Central Radio Network. Its a one stop great site for listening about all things BBQ. Greg has had some of the biggest names in BBQ and now that has expanded to 3 other great sites linked together on a network page:

Each of these sites have terrific podcasts chock full of great information!! I like listening to them in the background when I am surfing the net.