I BBQ and grill all year round. Neither snow nor rain keeps me from getting my grill on. So with this in mind here are my top winter grilling tips as posted on my twitter account from today..

my backyard – getting ready to shovel so I could grill.

Winter Grilling Tips #BBQ Use a @Thermapen all year round to know the temperature of your food.

Winter Grilling Tips #BBQ Make sure to clean all of the snow off of the lids of your grills before your start

Winter Grilling Tips #BBQ Use tried and true easy recipes for winter grilling. This is not the time to be planning out a 10 course meal.

Winter Grilling tips #BBQ if you are looking you are not cooking .. seriously keep the lid closed people as much as you can

Winter Grilling tips #BBQ before using a gas grill in winter double check the hoses for any cracks.

Winter Grilling tips #BBQ Cleaning up in winter is a bit more challenging wipe up your drips immediately. Hard frozen fat is harder to clean

Winter Grilling Tips #BBQ Use recipes that call for just a single flip… Less maintenance of the food = happier winter grilling.

Winter Grilling Tips #BBQ You will go through more charcoal in winter. Use a good quality lump charcoal with low moisture level.

Winter Grilling Tips #BBQ get to know your grill and how to use the grill with indirect heat.You can grill larger cuts of meat in the winter

Winter Grilling Tips #BBQ Keep a safe path to your grills. Shovel out before you start. Nothing worse than cooking & dropping dinner in snow

Winter Grilling Tips #BBQ Food takes longer to cook in the winter & grills can take longer to warm up. Give yourself extra time for dinner.

Winter Grilling Tips #BBQ It gets dark a lot earlier in winter invest in a grill light, outdoor patio lantern or other light source

Winter grilling tips #BBQ Try to put your grill in an area that is screened away from wind as much as possible.Wind is your biggest enemy.

Winter Grilling Tips #BBQ A snow pile makes a great beer holder.

Winter Grilling Tips #BBQ always check your propane tank before you start and have a backup

Winter Grilling tips #BBQ Food cools down a lot faster in winter (duh) have a warmed ready to go platter to bring food in quickly

Winter Grilling tips #BBQ Plastic is much more brittle in winter. Take it easy on those tools and knobs.

Winter Grilling tips #BBQ Never grill in your garage. Seriously death by carbon monoxide poising just bites

Winter Grilling tips #BBQ Avoid wearing scarves and stick to well fitting clothing like turtlenecks.

Winter grilling tips #BBQ Keep it super simple … Don’t make things on the grill that require a lot of basting.

My grills all lined up in the backyard. This was from 2 weeks ago.