So we all have our travelling nightmare stories. So I thought I would let you all know why I now HATE Air Canada “customer service.”

It started out with my trip home from Memphis. The plane I was taking (United) was broken and we got delayed a few hours. That meant I would miss my original Air Canada flight.  So off to the service desk where I was put on a later flight to get back to Canada.


No problem right>> I mean really a few extra hours in the airports isn’t so bad.No I really enjoyed sitting on the floor next to one of the few outlets that work in Chicago. Honestly though I met a great guy named Tim who made me laugh at it all. He and I sat on the floor sharing this outlet and made the best of it.



So I finally got back to Canada only to find that my bag was still in Chicago. No problem right>?? Went to another service desk was assured that my bag would be on the next flight. (*Seriously are you kidding me???) So two days later I get a call from Air Canada. They have found my bag and will deliver it by courier. Now for two days I have not had my boots or my winter coat or any toiletries but I was happy nonetheless since I was at least going to get them back and all of the BBQ stuff I had purchased.


Right…WTFlip was I thinking.


No I got my bag – yes I did. Thanks to those lovely people at Air Canada I got my bag back smashed. So smashed in fact that one wheel is in multiples of pieces and the other is rammed up so hard it doesn’t moved. On top of the lovely cuts into the bag and the fact it looks like it was run over by the plane itself. GREAT. Just GREAT. So I look through the bag and I am missing a boot and my toiletries and a few other things. Great just great.



So I do what everyone else would do in this situation. I call Air Canada. What I should have done was take some prozak and a few shots of tequila and called it a day.  But no I called Air Canadas Delayed & Damaged Customer Service number. Well they answered the phone at least. I thought I had the wrong number to be honest. Since the people answering the phone are in India. YES India. Now I am sure they are lovely people and all but they should at least be able to speak ENGLISH when you call.


I know I am asking a lot. A Canadian Company that has their customer service in INDIA> cause that makes a WHOLE lotta SENSE. Huh. So I can’t understand her and she can’t understand me. That makes a LOT of sense Air Canada. So she tells me a number it took multiples of times to get it clearly. I am beyond frustrated. I go to their website. you would think somewhere there I could find the golden ticket. The place where I could talk to a real person. A real live English speaking person.


No I am not angry at all by this point I mean I have only wasted an hour or so. Then I finally find on their website a number to call. Once again it gives options to book tickets and other pre recording robotic answering crap. So I start a search on the net. God bless Google. I love Google. I find another number that warns you will have to press zero three times before you can get to the person. Yes because making it easy to talk to a person in customer service is such an accomplishment from Air Canada.


So I get through. Its a miracle. Well I only had to wait for 41 minutes. Thats all. I mean heck I din’t need those 41 minutes or that hour. Its not like I have laundry to do children to talk with blogs to write recipes to work through.



But wait. It gets better. After finally getting through to a person they disconnect. Are you flipping kidding me.?????? So I call back and once again I am on hold. This time for 20 minutes ad I give up. I give up because my kids needed me more than I needed to yell at Air Canada.


So Air Canada this is my open letter to you. You suck. Big time. I hope all of your customers go to West Jet. I know I will be.