I try to plan out many of the meals I make for my family. Along with that comes the task of keeping our freezers, pantry and cold rooms organized. It cuts down on a lot of additional purchases that I just really don’t need. I am really committed to making a better effort this year to reduce food waste. I threw out too much food last year because I had forgotten it in the freezer. My husband would send me lists of what we had in the freezers:

Garage Stand Up Fridge:
3 Prime Rib Roasts
Box of bacon
1 half pan Mac n Cheeze
1 1/2 half pan pulled pork
1 large container spaghetti and meatballs
1 container macaroni dish
1 container meatballs
2 bags of Mom’s Pita
8 bags edamame

Garage Regular Fridge:

3 large bags of raw chicken breast
2 packages of raw chicken breast
1 5 lbs package raw drumsticks
24 hot dogs
4 lbs of butter
1 box cevaps
4 half pans pulled pork
1 half pan Mac n Cheeze

Chest Freezer
1 Canadian Brisket
2  SRF briskets
1 USDA Prime Brisket
2 Butts
1 8 lb Pork Loin Rib Half
8 racks Untrimmed spare ribs
2 racks trimmed spare ribs
3 racks of Baby Back Ribs
2 bags shrimp
1 bag of cooked drumsticks
1 bag pulled pork – needs to finish cooking
2 bags fries
3 bags cooked pork ribs
2 bags of cooked brisket
1 cooked whole chicken
4 bags cooked  UMO
1 frozen dinner
Spring roll pastry
1 bag Scrap bacon
1 bag cooked Moinks
12 hot dog buns
24 hamburger buns

The problem is that nothing was ever updated.  This list didn’t have our basement freezers (another 2) and I did not have any dates.

Plus I ended up with too many UMO = Unidentified Meat Objects.  You just never knew what you were getting with those.

So I have gone back to something I have used in the past our freezer inventory logs. Nothing special about this form but it is important to keep them maintained.  Ill be working on my cold room next.

Get Organized!, Get Organized, Freezer Inventory

Step 1 Take Everything out of every freezer.

Step 2 Group similar foods together. For us at our home this means putting all of our bbq meats – the briskets, ribs pork etc into one freezer. Ready made meals into another freezer and quick everyday foods in our bottom freezer of our kitchen fridge. 

Step 3 Write everything down on inventory sheets- one per freezer location. Hang this list beside your freezer on clipboard that you can hang and a pencil with eraser.  Or tape it to the freezer if no hanging spot is available.

Step 4 This is the hardest step for us and like everyone else we get busy. Maintain your lists.  Update them when you take something out or add more.

It just makes sense.  Easier budgeting, less waste and a lot less searching for that rib roast you thought you bought but can’t remember where you put it.


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