These are a few of my new favorite things from this past year!

Colins Creek Barbecue Savory Pecan Rub

I love this rub. Its really an exciting blend of spices that pairs well with so many meats and seafood. Chris Jones Pitmaster from Colins Creek gave me a bottle to sample earlier in the year and I liked it so much I got a case of it. (love the rib rub too!)

Plowboys has long been a favorite rub company of mine. This year they came out with Fin and Feather. Delicious on lots of items from seafood to chicken.

Also a Jerk rub thats awesome !

You can get these items at Great Lakes BBQ Supply Company~! I have shopped with them many times and their customer service is top notch!

Jamaica Pimento Charcoal

I picked up a case of Jamaica Pimento Wood Charcoal to play with earlier this year from Ontario Gas Barbecue
For the first time in the Canada, PIMENTO WOOD CHARCOAL!
While I will always use Basques all Natural Hardwood Charcoal for day to day use it is fun to play with unusual charcoals to add a different flavor layer to your food!

Made from the wood of the Jamaican Allspice tree, this lump charcoal is all natural.
No fillers or chemical binders! Lump charcoal burns cleanly with no chemical after taste.

These 9 lb. boxes are a 50/50 blend of Pimento Wood and Log Wood. Why the blend? Production of Pimento Wood Charcoal is minimal. A scarce resource! Most street vendors in Jamaica use this combination of charcoals to give that unique taste to their dishes. If you crave original Jamaican Jerk, Pimento Wood & Log Wood completes the authentic island flavour.

The Charcoal Room at Ontario Gas BBQ is so much fun. They are always trying to bring new and interesting charcoal.

Strube briskets are delicious. Kobe-Style Wagu Beef. Strube Ranch is a family owned and operated business with 100 years experience raising beef. I had a lot of fun playing with these briskets this year. Available from Big Poppas Smokers.

Onyx Oven from the BBQ Guru

My competition equipment lineup changed a bit this year. An Onyx Oven was added thanks to the folks at BBQ guru. I have had so many enjoyable BBQ experiences with it. The very first time in competition it scored a 180 (perfect KCBS) in brisket. Love using it. Love the fact that paired with the Digi Q it can run on very little charcoal for hours. It helps make great meat!!

Custom heavy duty fabricated rib racks for my Traeger. I got them as a gift for Christmas last year and used them throughout the year. They are so much better than any other rib rack I have owned. A lot easier to clean as well. Available at my favorite Brantford Butcher Strodes by fabricator Mark Offenhammer. These are a wise BBQ investment.


Global Chef Tweezers

These tweezers were given to me by my Sister in Smoke Angie Quaale from Well Seasoned. They were awesome for box adjustments while competing.

Cast Iron Pig Soap Dish – Business Card holder.

Shelly from Desperado’s BBQ told me about this awesome business card holder from the Mast general Store in South Carolina. By the end of the day every BBQ’er around had snapped them up in a flash. Perfect for any BBQ lover.

Paella Pan

Love using this on my charcoal grills. So much fun.

Southern Style All Natural Unbleached White Grits from Old Mill of Guilford NC.

Grits and BBQ go together like PB&J. Love these for their texture and flavor!!  I always thought I hated grits until a few years back I had real grits instead of instant. I have been hooked ever since.

I love Pork. So why not use a Pork that’s chock full of Omega 3 & raised without antibiotics .  Willowgrove Hill has terrific pork and pork products.

Char-Broil America Grills. I received this cookbook from Chef Barry Martin earlier this year at the NBBQA convention in South Carolina. I adore this guy.

His enthusiasm for all things grilling and BBQ is wonderful to behold. This book is full of mouthwatering recipes and pictures you want to eat they look so good.

Little sugar piggie sprinkles/quins  for sweet stuff. Why ? They are pigs. They are cute and they are adorable. Plus add them to some pig candy bacon cupcakes and it rocks. Mine came in a three pack with chickens and cows too!

Firefly sweet tea bourbon

Deliciously indulgent. This stuff is perfect for sitting back relaxing and having a wonderful time doing nothing but stoking some charcoal and watching meat grill.

Jack Daniels Tennesse Honey 

I fell in love with this libation earlier this year. Many a bottle was used this past year in the Diva Q camp. (of course it was for sauce making………. yeah sure…we will go with that.) Try one of my favorite cocktails – I call it the Long Weekend made with JD Honey.