Its a big food and family weekend for us coming up. Not only do we celebrate the Christian Easter we also celebrate my husbands Macedonian Orthodox Easter as well. This year they both fall on the same weekend. That means one meal on Friday and another on Sunday. I only have to cook for one :-)

On the menu this evening was a spiral Ham with a Sam Dog BBQ mustard, ginger and sorghum molasses glaze.  Sides were Sisters Secret chili oil firecracker shrimp and cheesy stone ground grits (From South Carolina), potatoes, rapini with porcini salt, homemade creamed corn,  plus orange glazed carrots.  I also made a couple loaves of Macedonian Sweet braided Easter Bread with almonds.

The glaze for the ham was very simple.

Mix 1 cup  Sam Dog BBQ Yellow dog with 1/4 cup sorghum molasses and add enough grated ginger to your liking. I marinated the ham in this mixture for 6 hours.   I also glazed a few more times during the cook time with Sam Dog BBQ Yellow Dog – it’s really an excellent sauce.

Total time & temp on the Traeger at 275F for 2 1/2 hours until the glaze had completely set and caramelized.

It was a delicious ham –



For everyone out there I wish you the very best this Easter and always…. Enjoy the time you spend with your Church, Family and Friends.