I get sent an assortment of bbq related books and cookbooks each year to review. Some are good, some are simply awful and a few just are just awesome. The Whole Hog Cookbook falls into the latter category. In fact it is probably one of my all time favorites now. The Pig is my favorite animal. No shock there. Cooking pork for me is always a task I relish and enjoy thoroughly. I have not been able to put this book down. I have gleefully read each page. I have been sucked in I could not help myself…. Beautifully arranged, wonderfully styled it is a terrific read with practical everyday recipes and simple instructions..

Libbie Summers childhood was spent on her grandparents hog farm. She has been around hogs her whole life. This is her first (and hopefully not last) foray into the cookbook market. In her own words she says she wanted to make a cookbook “pork for chicks” I disagree in my opinion this book is for everyone!

Take a look at her own words about the Whole Hog Cookbook..

My favorite quote from the video: “Its a great day to be alive ..its a good day to be hanging with the pigs…”


The Whole Hog Cookbook from Libbie Summers on Vimeo.


She has worked with Paula Deen for years and is her culinary producer. There is a really nice foreword from Paula Deen at the beginning of the book that lovingly talks about her. It comes through on the paper how much admiration she has for Libbie.

Libbie has incredible writing skills. She really does an exemplary job of taking you through each cut of the hog. In addition she talks about knowing where your pork is from. Making informed choices. I admire that.

I love the How To’s. Great composition on each topic makes it easy and empowering for any cook to take on the recipes and instructions..

I love that in addition to the wonderful recipes with all things pork it includes a few desserts. Not just any desserts soulful desserts like the Best ever Family reunion chocolate sheet cake with leaf lard and bacon pecan icing.

I recommend you get this book. In fact I recommend you buy multiples of this book -one for you and the others to share -if you have any interest in pork- because the moment you open this book up …it captivates you. There is so much in this book to love from the tea brined pork roast to the pork belly gyros to everything in between….

This is more than a cookbook. Its a love affair with pork put to paper.