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New Logo for Diva Q –

Deciding to change my logo was a very hard decision. I knew it was coming it was just a matter of time. I love my pig. I love the way she looks and I love her attitude and sass.  For merchandising though she is not so great she is a complicated piggie. Sooo many colors and so much going on. I tried to streamline her. In the end though it was time for a change.

I had to define who what where and when all about Diva Q. I had to figure out where I was going to go with the logo.  That lead me to having a couple of conversations with some folks who have logos I really like- Ray Lampe (Dr. BBQ) Jason Day ( Burnt Finger BBQ  + BBQ Addicts), Darren (Smokey D’s) Joey Mac’s Smoke Stax, Dave Raymond (Sweet Baby Rays) and a few others.  In addition I contacted some terrific people I know who excel at marketing in BBQ and other areas.

The entire process has been really all encompassing. Jason Day recommended  a site called  It is a really interesting concept where you run a design contest.  You decide how much your budget can handle. You write an entire summary about yourself or your Company and what your requirements are. Some of the designs were really out there. Some I wish I liked more because the designer put a lot of thought into the process. I made the decision to post some of the 240 design submissions I received on my facebook fan page. Some of the feedback was really helpful. I wanted to ensure that whatever logo I picked would be well received by both males and females. My target audience has always been both however at the end of the day Men are still the primary purchasers of BBQ items .

Also taking a look at myself I would never ever want to put a tiara or bling on anything. Thats just not me. I think of the Diva part of the name as being a woman that is really determined. That is me- determined to get better at BBQ.  I never really associated it with the pink crown and tiara program.  Also I wear black 100% of the time on the circuit and a lot at home too.

So here it is the new Diva Q logo. Its pretty straightforward. Simple, easy to read, recognizable and with just a bit of sass.  Just like me.

Its here !!! The new Traeger 300 has arrived in Canada

Well today has been a very exciting BBQ day!! I got to see the new Traeger 300 in person right after it was unloaded. It is even more impressive in person. Really solid design. I am looking forward to playing on one in the upcoming weeks.

Here are some pictures of the unit

As soon as I get the spec sheet I will update this post!

My newest Toy

Well you can never ever have enough BBQ’s I don’t believe that anyone should only have one bbq or grill. There are so many different types and they are all different with great capabilities.
Thanks to the folks at BGE Canada John & Brian who came by tonight with my newest addition the Big Green Egg.
I am sure to have fun playing on it.








More audition tapes for BBQ Pitmasters Season 2

Whiskeybent BBQ

And here is the new Banner AD for BBQ Pitmasters

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