Tonight if you live in the US you will be lucky enough to watch the Great American BBQ Showdown at 8pm EST on the Food Network.

Featuring 4 great teams: Checkered Pig, Divine Smoke, Bu-Ba-Q and Black Jack.
I wrote about the program here. Check it out.

Sadly for us in Ontario we will get another episode of Jamie Olivers Ministry of Food. That seriously bites the big one. UGH. Hope some of my American Friends and family tape it and post it on youtube for us Northerners.


Day 15 – 25 Days of Christmas BBQ Blogging

I can’t wait for January 17th 2010- why>> Because it will be the premiere of the Great American BBQ Showdown on the Food Network!

Tommy and Dennis had told me about this a couple of months ago when they were filming in South Carolian and they just released the dates it will be aired. I am so happy to see more of my BBQ friends on TV. It’s just even more great exposure in addition to the TLC BBQ Pitmasters show currently airing Thursday at 10pm E 9C.

Following 4 Competitive BBQ teams –

Checkered Pig (Tommy Houston)

Bub-ba-Q (William Bubba Latimer)

Divine Smoke (Debbie & Dennis Dill and friend David Hord)

Black Jack Barbecue(Jimmy Hagood)