There is a new host for season two of BBQ Pitmasters.  Kevin Roberts has been selected by TLC to host the second season of BBQ Pitmasters.

Kevin Roberts is an executive chef, cookbook author, sports bar owner, and radio & tv personality. Here is his bio from his website Munchies TV He also goes by the nickname “the Food Dude”

Recently he was on the Today show introducing him as the new host of TLC BBQ Pitmasters and his segment certainly elicited a variety of responses. The vast majority of those being unflattering. Between the incessant mustard shots and the advice to boil your ribs in beer it certainly made for cringe worthy TV in the eyes of many bbq’ers who vehemently oppose boiling ribs (I am in this group). He definitely got people talking on BBQ forums and foodie websites.

Overall until the show airs we will all have to wait and see how he fares as the new host with the new format. I would not dismiss him right now. The show I believe is being changed to appeal to a wider variety of audience. Not just competition BBQ’ers and our focus on the 4 main meats (brisket, ribs, chicken, pork butt) but more to the general public. Obviously there had to be changes to the format.  They averaged 900,000 viewers by all accounts that I have read against some tough other shows. The ratings must increase. How they get there remains to be seen. I wish the show and the future teams appearing on the show all the very best. My hope is that once again we see an increase in people coming out to the competitions and more people joining up to the various sanctioning bodies all over North America.

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Additionally if you are in the LA area and are a BBQ lover or look like a BBQ judge (seriously?? )


Heres the new ad for the Daytona PITMasters Series.
We will be in Michigan for sure its so easy to get to and really not far at all. Going through the border is so much easier than most people realize. Looking forward to seeing our neighbours to the South!


Gotta love this. I got a shout out on another teams Pitmasters tape. I thank them for that. Very cool!!! Hope they make it on the show. Good people. Great BBQ’ers!!! Paul Huff & Mike Galasso  (** Also best of luck to Fat Angel they are an awesome team as well!!! ***)

If you are in their area give them a shout for all your BBQ catering needs!!

Gone Hoggin BBQ Team !


I figure its only right to finally post my own BBQ Pitmaster audition tape. No matter what I am happy that I submitted it and took a chance to be on the BBQ Pitmasters show. Since the beginning of the series I made no secret that I want to be on the show. I think TV needs more BBQ shows. It has only been good for all facets of BBQ from restaurants to products and all competitions. I think they need a Canadian Chick that knows how to BBQ.




Love seeing so many great audition tapes. I know some of these folks and I wish them all the best!!

Smokin Scotsmen!! FEAR THE KILT!!

Fire Fightin’ Cookin Crew !

Kentucky Smoke Squad

Team Unknown BBQ- Seriously funny video

Moe from Ponderosa BBQ~

Tarheel Smokers!!!

Southern Soul Barbecue Harrison Sapp

A Boy and his BBQ!


The long awaited BBQ book featuring the Bacon Explosion is going to be available May 4, 2010  on Amazon !

The grill geeks Jason Day and Aaron Chronister became friends over the flames of the grill – they have been teammates on the award winning competitive BBQ team, Burnt Finger BBQ for years. Barbecuing and competing together, they realized they were a match made in hog heaven.

I have had the chance to review the book and it covers so much. The cover with its shot of a Bacon Explosion will get your mouth watering. It only gets better and better. While I believe that there could have been more pictures the content is solid.

Something that is really unique is a section that states that included with the book is a password necessary for accessing the members only area of the companion website run by the authors. is full of additional recipes and ideas that coincide with the recipes and information within the book. (my password was on page 223) Thats even more value for the price of the book!

I also appreciate the beer and wine pairing recommendations with many of the recipes. Its a great idea.

Here are the Chapters in the book:

Chapter 1- Equipment Methods and Techniques

Chapter 2- Bacon

Chapter 3- Parties and Tailgates

Chapter 4- Burger Heaven

Chapter 5- Fatties for every occasion

Chapter 6- The Liquor Shelf

Chapter 7- International Barbecue

Chapter 8- Leftovers

Chapter 9- Wives Girlfriends and mistresses

Chapter 10-Desserts

There are lots of recipes and fun anecdotes to review. What a great book to own or to give as a gift.  I HIGHLY recommend this book for the recipes. It is not just some glossy book that will sit on the shelf and look pretty. The recipes are clear easy to understand and adaptable to any grill.

A while back I had the opportunity to interview Jason about the book and the whole phenomenon that is the Bacon Explosion:

Ill be posting that interview on the day the book is available for sale in May. It was a great interview.


There is a new competition BBQ class coming up and it will be help by Plowboys BBQ (Todd Johns) and Butcher BBQ (David Bouska). 2 Champions, 1 class, 1 weekend.

Location of the class:

K & K Stairparts
Fairway BBQ
5150 S. 100th E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74146

May 28-29
Tulsa, OK

Just some of the awards for these two outstanding BBQ’ers:

Grand Champion – American Royal International Invitational; Kansas City, MO – 2009
Grand Champion – Fountains at Green Briar; Independence, MO – 2009
Grand Champion – Blue Springs Blazeoff; Blue Springs, MO – 2009
Grand Champion – Racing for the BBQ; KC, MO – 2009
Grand Champion – Smoke on the Prairie; El Dorado, KS – 2009
Grand Champion – Wild Blue BBQ; Burlington, KS – 2009
Grand Champion – Butt to Butt XI; Shannon, IL – 2009
Grand Champion – Chest to Chest; Great Bend, KS – 2009
Grand Champion – Bordertown Bash; Ft. Smith AR-2009
Grand Champion – Bixby BBQ & Music Festival; Bixby, OK-2009
Grand Champion – Stilwater Elks 21st Annual Blazathon; Stillwater, OK-2009
Grand Champion – Smokin Red Dirt BBQ; Enid, OK-2009
Grand Champion – VFW Post 1 IBCA ; Tulsa, OK 2009
Grand Champion – Big Green Egg Scramble; Des Moines, IA – 2009
Grand Champion – Bixby BBQ & Music Festival; Bixby, OK-2008
Grand Champion – Wild Blue BBQ; Burlington, KS – 2008
Grand Champion – Smokin on Big Creek; Pleasant Hill, MO – 2008
Grand Champion – July 4 Festival; Alma, MO – 2007
Grand Champion – Jesse James Festival; Kearney, MO – 2007
Grand Champion – Pigs Can Fly BBQ Cookoff; Ada, OK-2007
Grand Champion – Cherokee Strip BBQ & Chili Cookoff; Ponca City, OK-2007
Grand Champion – July 4 Festival; Alma, MO – 2005

Reserve Grand Champion – Basswoods Cookoff; Platte City, MO – 2009
Reserve Grand Champion – Great Pork BBQlossal; Des Moines, IA – 2009
Reserve Grand Champion – Johnson Co Fair; Warrensburg, MO – 2009
Reserve Grand Champion – That BBQ Thanq in the Sprang; Salisaw, OK-2009
Reserve Grand Champion – Pigs Can Fly BBQ Cookoff; Ada, OK-2009
Reserve Grand Champion – Smoke In the Air; Park City, KS-2009
Reserve Grand Champion – Bikes, Blues & BBQ; Fayetteville,AR-2009
Reserve Grand Champion – Smokin Red Dirt BBQ; Enid, OK-2008
Reserve Grand Champion – Pigs Can Fly BBQ Cookoff; Ada, OK-2008
Reserve Grand Champion – July 4 Festival; Alma, MO – 2008
Reserve Grand Champion – River City Roundup; Omaha, NE – 2008
Reserve Grand Champion – Smokin on the Creek; Sugar Creek, MO – 2008
Reserve Grand Champion – July 4 Festival; Alma, MO – 2005
Reserve Grand Champion – Liberty, MO – 2005

1st Place Brisket – American Royal International Invitational – 2009
2nd place Brisket – American Royal Invitational-2009
2nd place Brisket – Great American BBQ Invitational-2009
3rd place Pork – American Royal Invitational-2009
4th place Pork -American Royal Open-2009
1st Place Pork – American Royal International Invitational – 2008
1st Place Pork – Great American BBQ Open – 2008
1st place Pork – Jack Daniels World Championship-2008

You can register here.


Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Ontario Gas BBQ’s Media Day. Ontario Gas BBQ is one of my all time favorite places in the world. They have so much stuff. So many BBQ’s.  I have to show extreme self restraint every time I go. I want to buy everything. They also are the largest BBQ store in the world. Unfortunately the day was cold and wet. Ugh. But the grills never stopped the beer was flowing and the media were all about….

Their BBQ showrooms are incredible. They carry everything you can imagine and more….

So many BBQ’s ……………….

There was a great selection of BBQ Companies there to demo their products and to provide tastings..Traeger’s menu for the day was ABT’s  Grilled Asparagus with a curry aioli, and hot & fiery chili dipping sauce, pulled pork sliders, Bacon Bombs (Ill be posting about those next week!!) and of course a little bit of chocolate heaven. All done on Traeger BBQ’s

Celebrity BBQ & grilling chefs Ted Reader (Teds BBQ World) and Rob Rainford (Food Network- License to Grill) were also on hand making some incredible food (pulled pork and foie gras burgers from Teddy!- so decadent)

Rob looking as stylish as ever and he always has the megawatt smile.

Here is a picture of Ted’s Ass bending over his grill. You can see it is a much smaller ass now. He has lost a lot of weight.

I have no clue what he was looking for here. You never know with Teddy what will happen next.

I got to try some of his new Apple Brown Betty Grilling Sauce (and I forgot to bring my bottle home) it was damn good. Go get some.

For some serious comedy please watch this video of us chatting after the show on Teddy’s weight loss secrets – they are truly inspirational.

Heres a link to some of the media coverage from yesterday.  It was a really fun day !! Thanks to the folks at Eventrix for organizing the entire event.

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