Good Friends getting press always makes me smile. I was really thrilled to see Julie & Skip from Swamp Pit BBQ getting some press from Albany Alive at the Troy Pig out where they took a 2nd in pork and a 10th overall.

If you have ever been to a contest where they are at you probably met them. Socializing at BBQ comps is something they specialize in.

Team Swamp Pit : Skip, Robert, Julie, Lizzie, Mikey(Todd in Blue)

Additionally they are more often than not showing a new team how to make a parsley box, organize their camp or just in general helping out wherever they can!! I have witnessed their kindness and generosity to so many people on many an occasion and have been the recipient of it as well.

They also always have some seriously good tequila always served ice cold from one of their many cocktail shakers.

Photo Credit : Albany Alive

Once again they like many others show why Competition BBQ is such a great “sport” to get involved in. Its not always about the meat and the turn ins – its more often than not about the awesome people you meet.