I love bread. All types. Choosing the right bread to go with your BBQ meats is an important part of the meal. I believe in the perfect ratio of meat to bun. I hate getting a sandwich that has 2 x or more bun to meat.
In lieu of plain old white hamburger buns (my go to bun of choice for pulled pork and shredded brisket) I have to tell you about two others I ? dearly.

I have a fondness (understatement) for Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. They come in original, honey wheat and savory butter. They are seriously addictive with the perfect texture of yummy fluffiness and with a touch of sweetness that really compliments BBQ meats. In fact you could put anything on them and they would be good.

Available only in the US. (Pictured above my freezer stash)


Next up a product that has a chewier texture but a really satisfying flavor once again going well with all BBQ’es meats. Presidents Choice Mini Ciabatta pre-sliced burger buns.  I like the fact they don’t get as soggy as some other buns and I think they are terrific for parties if you are making platters of sammies up for a crowd. From sausages, burgers to pulled pork and even grilled veggies options  these mini buns are just perfect. Available widely in Canada.