Ill be making a return visit to the BBQ Central Radio show to take part in their “after dark” segment tonight at 10pm EST. The show regularly airs on Wednesdays now ( please note day of the week change) at 9pm EST and is hosted by Greg Rempe.

Tonights guests are Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn and Bob Trudnak from the BBQ Guru in hour 1 then its the after dark segment.

Tune in to hear all about our experience on BBQ Pitmasters and we will talk about all things BBQ!

Link to show


Cool new contest!! If you would like to win a FREE “Gas Grill Oven Plate” from Gill Innovations all you need to do is post something you would like to have baked in a grill instead of your oven. The most creative recipe will not only win a FREE grill plate, but their recipe will be cooked by the owner himself (Ed Hamlin) and documented for web fame!! This contest is open for one week and there are no limit to entries!! GOOD LUCK!!

Here is the link to their Facebook Page

Also a reminder that every Tuesday night is the BBQ Central radio show. Make sure you listen in !


Its Tuesday and that only means one thing to me for tonight- Ill be listening to the BBQ Central Radio show.

The online presence of BBQ expanded yet again this last week. Greg Rempe the uber host of BBQ Central Radio unveiled a new Barbecue Central Radio Network. Its a one stop great site for listening about all things BBQ. Greg has had some of the biggest names in BBQ and now that has expanded to 3 other great sites linked together on a network page:

Each of these sites have terrific podcasts chock full of great information!! I like listening to them in the background when I am surfing the net.