Wow. Got to check these out at the America Royal BBQ Competition and these pits are so cool to look at and the folks that make them take time to really listen to their customers needs and wants. They also have had some great success on the BBQ competition trail most recently:

Iconic display

1st Place Ribs out of 499 Teams at the 2010 American Royal BBQ Open Competition–Cooked on a Pitmaker! Congratulations to the What-Ever Cooking team out of Houston, Texas for their win at this national level BBQ Contest!


Houston Livestock and Rodeo Cook off 2010 Grand Champions!!

From George Shore:

We paint every frame and box, and BBQ Vault with marine grade epoxy primer to give it extreme durability and corrosion resistance before shooting it with the polyurethane auto enamel for the beautiful colors that you see.

The second trailer is two tone yellow/black with a solid stainless steel 48” Grill-Meister and solid stainless steel Sniper Smoker that we did for a local corporation out of Austin, TX.  It shows that we can basically make any of our Pits out of solid stainless steel by request.

The Interceptor:

The Interceptor is painted a metallic light blue and made to look a little like a Houston Police Car, in honor of one of our cooking teammates who is a Houston Police Officer.  We take this trailer to most of our Pitmaker Houston Texans Texans Tailgate Parties.  It has a functioning Police light bar, LED Underlighting, and a very loud authentic siren that we blare when the Houston Texans score!

Check out for more information about their pits!  They are also on Twitter and on Facebook