Its no shock that I am a HUGE fan of Ted Reader. I have written about him many times and he is a personal friend of mine.  He is a king of all things BBQ and grilling. It makes sense in his long line of books to have one all about beer and BBQ. Ted is insane. Certifiably insanely talented with all things on the grill. He is a trained chef that has masterminded such incredible incredible recipes as plankies. Just go make them and trust me they are decadently delicious and absolutely bad for you.  He has a big heart too. Each year he goes above and beyond to support Camp Bucko a camp for kids who are burn survivors.


You need to get this book. Its full of fantastic recipes and terrific ideas for summer time meals and lots of fun gatherings. Available on Amazon.

I love this video from Ted. It cracks me up.

I ? Pork and so does Teddy

Also be sure to check out my recipe on page 301 for Diva Q Double Grilled Jalapeno Cornbread . Delicious awesomeness.



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