So this is the week. Our episode on BBQ Pitmasters TLC 10pm EST Thursday.

Well I am curious to see this weeks episode from Season 2 BBQ Pitmasters.

I want to take a moment to post my thoughts on BBQ Pitmasters before our episode airs. I have read a lot of negative comments on various BBQ boards twitter and facebook. We knew there was a complete format change this year prior to going in. It was public knowledge so no secret about that.  In fact I looked forward to the opportunity to BBQ something other than the typical 4 meats.

I really do believe a pitmaster should be able to handle more than just those 4 meats ribs chicken pork and brisket. I think a pitmaster should handle the various obstacles thrown at them. No where did it say this was a typical MIM, KCBS, PNWBA, FBA etc contest. Its just bbq on tv. So maybe call it BBQ and grilling entertainment>??? People need to lighten up a bit.  Please note I also have no problem any more using the term BBQ to describe making hot dogs on a grill or even something like grilling asparagus. I used to cringe at it but over time I realized there were so many ppl using the term BBQ to describe something else that I figured it didn’t matter to me as long as people were getting together enjoying great food in the company of their loved ones and friends. For those of you that think this show was scripted let me tell you for sure 100% it wasn’t.  However I will tell you it was the biggest challenge of my bbq career to date and the hardest competition I have ever endured. It took real stamina, knowledge and quick thinking on the parts of all of the teams that went and did this show. Win or lose every single team that appears should be commended for taking on this competition.

We were in California in 110F or higher temps for the entire time. We spent the vast majority of our times standing up racing around or generally plotting our next move. Yes there were times when we did some BS smack talking (and seriously it was hard to keep a straight face on it LOL) but overall when you are BBQing among friends it really is just a bunch of posturing and BS  I love the guys we went up against.

What a fun time we all had Big Poppas Smokers, Big Mistas BBQ and the legendary Johnny Trigg. I absolutely 100% enjoyed myself with our team of my husband and my BBQ BFF Angie. I would do it again in a heartbeat. We had a lot of giggle times and a lot of stressful times but overall I am really happy with how it all went down.

Hope you watch the show. Just take it for what it is a whole lot of fun and entertainment.

7 Responses to “So this is the week. Our episode on BBQ Pitmasters TLC 10pm EST Thursday.”

  • You go girl!!! I really do believe the best part of “bbq” IS the company, whether it means enjoying a gourmet meal, some hot dogs with the kids, or overcooking a meal just to enjoy one more drink on the deck with family and friends (when the term “3 beer hamburgers” means more about timing than a recipe! haha!).

    We’re really looking forward to seeing you on Pitmasters, and because we know your true skill and talent, we are looking to enjoy the show for not only that but your personality and skill under pressure! All our thumbs up from Parry Sound!!!

  • You go girl! I’ve always believed the best part of “bbq” IS the company, whether it’s enjoying a gourmet meal, some hot dogs with the kids, or overcooking a meal to enjoy another drink on the deck with friends (the term “3 beer hamburgers” refers to timing rather than a recipe!!! haha).

    We’re really looking forward to seeing you on PitMasters, and since we already know your talent and skill, we are looking forward to enjoying not only that but your personality and skill under pressure! Thumbs up from Parry Sound!

  • I will be watching to see how you do, and after episode 1 the new format has started to grow on me, so I will watch with interest the whole season. if there is a season 3 I am sure they will make any changes that will be needed, it is a growing process.

  • D McGuire:

    Ms Q, I can’t wait to see the show on Thursday. I’m actually really loving the change up to the show.
    I think throwing twists in there show a real grill master’s versatility. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how great some of the so called backyard chef’s are fairing.
    Awesome job all the way around. And I am very confident you did Canada proud.We can take the heat, and we relish the cold. Fire and Ice baby.. Fire and Ice, all the way.

  • Diva..You are so right. I enjoyed every minute of it and I’m glad you thought was challenging. I loved the juice and action. Your team was just a delight and Mista and Johnny were equally fabulous. Diva you are a truly gifted chef and we werent worthy sharing the stage. (ok maybe a little…hhehehehe)

  • So John Markus goes on BBQ Central last night and not one of the haters called in? Interesting.

    I liked last season better but I’ll take Season 2 over the alternative (nothing at all).

    I’ve been looking forward to your episode.

  • Robert Brackenridge:

    It was great to see a Canadian so well represented. You don’t know how much hell I catch when I reveal to everyone that I am a lost Canadian down here in Texas… But, I sure do love teachin’ these good ole’ boys a thing or two about workin’ the pit.

    I also truly enjoy sharing my BBQ with my relatives in Peterborough, Lakefield and Millbrook. Sorry to say, but they just don’t get the good stuff up there around cottage country.

    Great job on the show!

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