So are you going to tune in tomorrow ? 10pm EST 9C TLC BBQ Pitmasters

3 Responses to “So are you going to tune in tomorrow ? 10pm EST 9C TLC BBQ Pitmasters”

  • Hey – those are my hands cutting ribs. My hands are famous!

  • Ron Nelson:

    I watched Mondays episode and it was disappointing. Myron needs to knock off the foul language and Warren Sapp is the obligatory black man because we all know that blacks know ‘que bettr’n anyone. The contest was “Pulled Pork” and the only one that presented “Pulled Pork” was Taint The Sauce. The others presented “Sliced Pork”. I didn’t want to see frying catfish or so much emphasis placed on Coleslaw. In short I stopped watching before the champ was declared and I probably will be reluctant to watch another episode unless it’s the only thing on that catches my attention.

  • Xie Mao:

    Well, I watched two episodes. They have completely RUINED this show. I don’t mind that it is a “cook-off” format but it should be about the BBQ and not the sides. I feel sorry for the folks that have fired their smokers only to be disqualified because of catfish, rattlesnake or some other craziness. Last year…great show! This year…won’t be watching again.

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