This past weekend after our brisket class I had various briskets in stages of completion. I also have had a case of bacon and I felt like doing a bit of playing …..

I took a fully smoked flat of brisket (at room temperature) and cut it into 11/2 inch cubes. It was already moist and delicious but I wanted to take it up a notch.

I wrapped each brisket cube with slices of bacon to form a bacon wrapped brisket bomb. Then I placed the brisket bombs in my Traeger on a frogmat for 1 hour at 225F then I turned them and smoked them for another hour at 225 F. I used Oak and hickory pellets.

I glazed them with a homemade BBQ sauce that I use for competition.  Oh my flip. These things are awesome. Seriously awesome.

**Please note they are not nearly as dark as the picture shows. Thats just my horrible picture taking.

Juicy moist smoked brisket wrapped in a layer of crispy double smoked bacon and topped with a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce.  They are cubes of awesome yummy goodness.

The brisket was re-seasoned with Smoky Mountain Smokers Chipotle BBQ Rub, & Plowboys Bovine Bold for a power packed flavor combination. It was injected using Butchers BBQ Brisket Marinade.  There were a few other ingredients as well…. but those are some competition secrets I would rather not share :0)