Season 2 BBQ Pitmasters Judges

Today’s announcement from TLC BBQ Pitmasters here are the judges for Season #2 premiering August 12 at 10pmEST/9c

They are:

Myron Mixon from Jack’s Old South and BBQ Pitmaster  from Season #1

Warren Sapp

Superbowl Champ & BBQ Enthusiast

Art Smith

Celebrity Chef  James Beard award winning author of  Back to the Table and Kitchen Life

2 Responses to “Season 2 BBQ Pitmasters Judges”

  • Wow, this is baring less and less resemblance to Season #1 with each passing week. Myron’s not going to compete? Warren Sapp is a judge?!?

    I still have to reserve judgment until after I’ve watched an episode, but this sounds like all the quasi-documentary-style realism that I liked about it is getting sucked out of the series.

  • I thought that was Warren Sapp on the previews. Unreal! I’ll give it a chance but I liked Season 1 not sure we needed this entire revamp.

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