The competition set up went well although the total team count was low. I had a few bumps along the way. I was well aided this weekend by the very competent sidekick Kathy from Traeger. She really did an outstanding job of taking care of me on site. I was also spoiled rotten by the entire Traeger team of Don Derek and also Wendy wife of Terry Busa. I never wanted for anything the entire weekend. Coffee was delivered regularly and I even had a terrific trailer to work out of (Thanks Don!!). Beer was even delivered by Big Rock Brewery. Additionally I will say that Angie Quaale the head judge probably was surprised at the level of pain in the a$$ I could be LOL>
I say this with a whole lot of humour as I knew things were just going way too well. I had just about finished all my prep and was doing some last minute chicken trimming when *ack* I sliced my finger. Not just any slice I mean one of those get your butt to the hospital sort of slices. Now. This posed quite a problem. My glove filled up with blood. The cut was right on the knuckle and I knew it was really really deep. I sure felt like a complete fool standing there with blood dripping everywhere. Well Kathy and I wrapped it up as best we could and I finished up a couple of things debating what to do next. Looking for a non existent first aid kit I sent Kathy to one of the teams to get one. She came back and Angie came back in with the first aid kit. I knew Angie would really know how bad it was. I think the first thing out of her mouth was you need to get to a hospital.
Negotiations then commenced. LOL In the end I did have to go. I would like to thank the staff at St. Pauls and Wendy who knew the best place to get seen quickly. So in came Dr. Iverson who said yes it needs to get stitched but you will need a splint or some sort of light cast to keep it straight. Then there was my answer. No. I can’t get a glove on if you do that. Then I explained to him why I was there etc etc. I really did not have time to be in a hospital. Thankfully Dr. Iverson is a HUGE food network fan and really understood the importance of timing. So off I went back to the site (all within 40 minutes!!!) loaded up with enough gauze and steri strips to support a small town and the promise to return to get stitches when done (um sort of not really forgot to do this part)
The traegers hummed along all night just fine. It was time to do some visiting. Off to the teams made a few rounds then settled in with the crew at Prairie Smoke and Spice. Good People. Great conversation. This is the type of team that is warm funny and just generally great people.
Then it was cake time. God Bless these people. Angie grilled up some angel food cake. Then it was layered with a whole lot of whipped cream and berries. Yum. Divine. I have done this before with pound cake but never angel food cake. One to try again for sure.
I managed to get a few hours of sleep. The turn ins went just fine and we had a great time doing the chefs choice. Kathy did an outstanding job making sure everything got there on time.
And in the end we came up just a little short. Taking reserve Grand champion – 1st in pork 2nd in ribs, 4th in brisket and chicken and 1st in Chefs choice. I could not be disappointed though losing to Prairie Smoke and Spice getting the GC! . Good things happen to good people.