Thought I might make a bit of a blog this morning on the competitive BBQ’ing scene in Ontario. In the last while there have been two competitions cancelled. The first was Smoked to the Bone in Ottawa Ontario. It was cancelled due to lack of team signups. I don’t like saying that because there was interest from teams however since it was very late in organizing the teams had made many other commitments.

The biggest blow came yesterday. The cancellation of the Barrie Canadian Open competition. I know I was very sad to hear of this. This competition was incredibly fun to do. Barrie being my home town it was a a great one for all of my family and friends to come to and we have some terrific memories. When they heard I think they were just as sad and disappointed.

I will miss seeing the teams at this event. I will see many of them at the Paris and Whitby event but Barrie was special. One of the first memories I ever had of Barrie was Earl’s set up for Bustin Loose. He brought out some of the coolest BBQ pits to showcase BBQ in Canada. There was even teams that came from across the pond travelling great distances to come and compete.

It is a sad day for competitive BBQ’ers in Ontario.