Well it was an interesting weekend for sure. We travelled to Paris Ontario for the Canadian Pork Championships. Last year we got the GC and we were thrilled. This year though it was just not meant to be. We had a really rough time of it and the old saying of everything that could go wrong did rang true for us.

Overall we were happy with the results considering our issues.

2nd place Chicken
2nd place Pork
4th Place Brisket
4th place RIbs.

Reserve Grand Champion

Additionally here are the scores for the top three in each category:

Grand Champion Can’t Stop Grilling
Reserve Diva Q
3rd Smokin in the Igloo


1st Happy SMoke More
2nd Diva Q
3rd Bustin Loose


1st Happy grillmore
2nd Smokin in the Igloo
3rd BB BBQ


1st Happy Smoke More
2nd Diva Q
3rd Smokin in the Igloo


1st Can’t Stop Grilling
2nd Smokin in the Igloo
3rd BBQ Effect

Want to make mention of something that was truly wonderful and a good representation of what great BBQ’ers are all about.
On Saturday morning as I was prepping boxes I realized three of my heads of lettuce for the last turn in box were rotten inside. In other words I was without any usable lettuce. UGH Horrible situation that just added to my stress levels. To my rescue was Tim Brown who gave me some of his lettuce and Adrienne Ross from Smokin In the Igloo who not only gave me lettuce but probably some of the best lettuce that I had ever worked with that was trimmed cleaned and rolled in paper towels. For me it was like going to garnish heaven. Without her lettuce I would have had to turn in a garnish free box. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

However the highlight for us for the weekend was seeing one of my BBQ buddies Tim Brown and his team win Can’t Stop Grillin!!

The look on their faces was priceless and we were truly thrilled for them. They work hard at it all the time (and practice just as much as we do) and it was good to see them win. (Even if it was only 4 points and I taught him everything I know ROFLMAO -can barely type that without cracking up its so far from the truth) They are a terrific team who is going to remind me of this win forever I am sure. Additionally everything they win is donated to Breast Cancer research. I am proud to call them friends for many reasons this is just one of them.

Knowing that Tim will be reading this I would ike to remind him that he can expect us to try a lot harder next week when we compete in the Beaches in Toronto at http://www.beachribfest.com/ . He better bring his “A” game LOL.

We took lots of pictures and you can find those here.


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