Nutella Dessert Pizza

Nutella Dessert Pizza

(2 pizzas)


For the Crust:

750-g     fresh pizza dough

¼ cup    Cornmeal for dusting


For the Toppings:


1 cup     Nutella

1 cup     Mini Marshmallows

½ cup    Pecan pieces

½ cup    Strawberry slices

½ cup    Skor toffee bits

½ cup    Chocolate chunks or chips

Whipped Cream & icing sugar for garnish


Bring pizza dough to room temperature as per package instructions. Remove from bag; divide into 2 balls.

On lightly floured surface, pull and shape into 2 pizzas, about 9 inches (23 cm) wide. Crimp edges as you would with pie. Prick dough all over with fork tines. Let rest at room temperature 30 minutes.

Spread Nutella onto each pizza, and then layer each with mini marshmallows, pecans, skor toffee bits, chocolate chunks.

Place pizzas onto cornmeal or flour-dusted pizza paddle. Place on a heated cornmeal dusted pizza stone or oiled grill preheated to medium-high (about 550F/280C); close lid. Grill about 5-10 minutes until chocolate is melted. Remove from grill and cool for 1-2 minutes. Top with strawberries, whipped cream & icing sugar.

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