Brining can substantially help poultry and pork and even brisket.

Basic rules of Brining:

  • For every pound of meat brine for one hour
  • Make sure your brines are made and cooled down completely before using.
  • If your food item is large turn over half way in between brining time.
  • Meat + brine must be kept below 40F at all times.
  • To determine how much brine to use add the meat to your container and fill with water. Remove meat and measure out the water. That will give you the amount of brine needed for your item.
  • To start – use 1 pound of salt for every gallon of water.
  • Not all salts are equal – table salt and kosher salt are very different in sodium levels and taste.
  • You can add flavor with brining. Using herbs, spices and fruit juices or different sugars (ie maple syrup, agave nectar etc) can give lots of flavor boosts to your meats.
  • Always pat dry your meat after brining.
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