Practice Practice Practice

For the next 4 weeks Ill be revisiting all of my competition notes, procedures and meat prep. Looking forward to the Little Rock competition I really want to just do better. Last year we came in 47 out of 129 teams. We got a 19th in chicken, 43rd in ribs, 55th in pork and a dismal 84th in brisket.

This year we are driving with all of our equipment to this comp. All 18 hours. Last year I used borrowed equipment that I had never used before and it really showed. My goal this year is to be in the top 20% or higher. I am going through my bx pictures form last year and the notes I made. I can really see lots of room for improvement.

This week I am focused on chicken. Just getting my timing down. I am still not sold on muffin pan chicken and I will stick to my own style of trimming. However I am going to modify my flavor profile.

3 Responses to “Practice Practice Practice”

  • Do you prefer your chicken to be more reddish in color or brown?

  • I am so impressed by you serious competitors and the dedication you apply to the sport. (Yep, I call comp bbq a sport, it’s more of one than golf or NASCAR!)

    I’ll be pulling for you and the other Brethren that attend that one.

  • gailymvt:

    I hear you about practice and notes. I am pushing for this to be done for every competition, right down to the weather and temperature. I am sure that this will help us get better also. All pits run differently…Good luck in Little Rock, we were considering and were having family join us but too long a trip (28 hours) and I only have so much time.

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