Penetanguishene Curling Club RIB COOK-OFF

Heres an event that is sure to be fun locally.  Ill be in BC when it happens or I would be there for sure! Great town and area. Just a gorgeous setting for a rib cook off!

NAME OF CONTEST: Penetanguishene Curling Club RIB COOK-OFF

LOCATION: 8 Owen Street, Penetanguishene, ON L9M 1M8
Date: July 24, 2010
STARTS: 1 pm
ENDS: Party ends 1 am

CONTEST DETAILS AND PRIZES: This is a fund raiser for the Penetanguishene Curling Club. It is a FOR FUN ONLY RIB COOK OFF.
The winner will be chosen by People’s Choice.
The prize pool will be determined by the number of entrants!
(All registration money will be used in the prize pool.)

$150.00 per team.

Name: Jim Reichheld
Address: 8615 Hwy 93, Midland, ON L4R 4K4

Phone: (705) 241-6560

One Response to “Penetanguishene Curling Club RIB COOK-OFF”

  • Joe Kozak:

    is this an amateur event, or is it a catering event.
    how many ribs is one supposed to cook,
    for what time and what time would one start.

    sounds like fun, naturally i am a amateur with a Q

    please respond to

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