Well we are in Macon Georgia now. After having spent the last couple of days in Atlanta. We ran into some trouble with the jack on the truck and had to have it replaced.
We visited the Aquarium in Atlanta and it was terrific. If you ever get the chance please go. Well worth it. Then we were off to the Coca Cola World across the lawn. Fun times and a good way to try a lot of Coca Cola products from around the world.

We are pretty much restocked on everything we need for this weekends upcoming contests. Most importantly I am restocked on some sleep.

gotta say thank you to the many people that sent us congrats on our Jack finish. Very cool. this whole trip has been wonderful.

Looking forward to a good breakfast soon. Then we will head out. It is only 2 hours to Douglas from here. Going to get set up today so tomorrow we can relax and socialize with teams.

A funny thing happened last night here at the Best Western. I was sitting here reading BBQ blogs and surfing tv. I got a knock at the door. It was the other Canadian team who had also decided to stay here last night. It was funny out of all the stops they cold have made we all ended up at the same place. Good to see Dave and Darrin. They are a couple of nice guys from the BBQ effect.

Looking forward to back to back comps. I have never done that before so it will be interesting.

Colder here than we expected but I hear we are getting a snowstorm at home so I really have nothing to complain about :-)