Just got home from attending Oinktoberfest for the third time.

IT was cold. I mean freezing your butt off cold. IT made for an interesting cook and not too much socializing at night.

We took our three children with us this time. We have previously taken Ella and Lexi our daughters out with us but this time we also included our son Gabe. Also known as chaos. He is walking chaos. He is 3 and he is a non stop going concern full of more energy than a power plant. It proved to be a very challenging contest to mind him and the meat.

I will say I struggled on timing this weekend. Having to split my focus as a Mom and a BBQer is something I am going to have to work on. I had a really challenging time. I knew my brisket chicken and ribs were off. I was right for sure. Overall we placed a disappointing 6th. Our highest protein was a 4th call in pork. It is what it is.

I will say that Oinktoberfest was better run this year. I liked the Las Vegas theme and some of the teams did an amazing job decorating their cook sites. Really fun to see. We did not have any problems with power and that was a relief. Our neighbours were great as well. Would like to be beside them for any future comps.

It was great to see everyone at the potluck and the food was fantastic. Tuscan bean salad, venison, grilled bologna, wicked good burgers, corn dip, bread pudding with caramel, Really awesome curry sausages, abts, sausage dip, cookies, and fresh from Alaska Salmon brought in by Griff. I am sure I am forgetting some things but it was all good for sure.

I had a great little parsley party with Kim from Smoke on Wheels. It was so cold out (6 Celcius) that we decided to do our boxes up Friday night in the comfort of the trailer with some nice hot tea. It sure makes box making go fast when you are chatting with a friend.

I took very few pictures as well. Just did not have the time. The kids had an amazing time with the Good Smoke girls and Angela. Thank you all so much for helping to look after our kids. They had a blast going through the corn mazes, looking at pumpkins and doing all the kids activities.

The highlight for us scoring this weekend was the dessert category. We got 1st with another 180 perfect score. THat was cool. It was a new dessert I was trying out so I am glad it seemed to go just fine. We also tied for 3rd in the side dish category with Can’t stop Grilling but lost the tie and came in 4th.

Huge Congratulations to Kim & Andy for the GC and all others who got calls. Fun times for sure.

Thats it thats all for now. I need to go and thaw out plus catch up on some ZZZZ Our next comp will be Georgia for the Best of the Best on Halloween.

I will however be on Canada AM for the Canadian Thanksgiving showing people how to BBQ turkey and all the fixings.

Many thanks once again to our wonderful sponsors. Traeger Canada, Hovey’s Gourmet Meats, Big Rock Brewery, Alcan. – We appreciate your support.

Pictures from OINK


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