New Toy to test out Traeger FB 150 Smokehouse Pro S/S

I’ll be testing out a new piece of equipment in the coming weeks the FB 150 Pro S/S.
Here are some pictures of the unit as it was getting burned in for the first time. This is the only one in Canada right now.
I’ll post more about it in the future and what I cook on it.


  • 14.7 Sq feet of cooking area
  • 4-23″ x 23″ chrome plated shelves
  • 45″ wide x 26″ deep x 62″ height
  • 120 volt, 5 amp, 36000 BTU burner
  • Autostart
  • 40lbs hopper capacity
  • .75 lbs of pellets per hour at 250F
  • 20 guage stainless steel exterior
  • 18 guage stainless steel interior
  • 850F spin glass insulation
  • Unit weighs 464 lbs
  • 150lbs pork butts, 100lbs brisket, 80 lbs ribs, 30 chickens.

6 Responses to “New Toy to test out Traeger FB 150 Smokehouse Pro S/S”

  • Tony:

    That awesome!!! Cant wait for that to become production, i can see many old traegers being upgraded to these for the comp stuff. Great job Traeger

  • Just curious if I missed some thing on this commercial Traeger. I thought I did a side by side comparison on it vs the FEC100 and the retail was considerably higher on the Traeger. Am I wrong on that aspect? Can’t wait to see how you like it.

  • Kelly:

    Wow, that looks familiar?????????

  • There’s a design change for treager! Does the heat shield Glow red hot? you could add a “mojopuck” or even a foil bag of pellets to the shield for additional smoke; love the new style!

  • TheGeorgianChef:

    Hi DiVaQ, It has been a year since you tested this unit. What are the results? How did you like it? Would you replace your Texas with this one?

    Love to hear back.


  • Hi there! I liked using the unit but I am sticking with my 150 and my Onyx Oven from the BBQ Guru using Basques Charcoal. I am comfortable with them.

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