NBBQA Conference BBQ Bus tour

We had a fun time going to a few restaurants here in Memphis and area.

The places we went were Germantown  Commissary, Central BBQ, Whole Hog Cafe, Old School Bar-B-Q

Each of the restaurants had some decent food however overall I would have to recommend the Germantown Commissary as my favorite hands down. They also had some of the very best pies I have ever eaten. If you are in the area make sure you stop in.

Today I am off to another bunch of BBQ restaurants. I am really looking forward to them!!

One Response to “NBBQA Conference BBQ Bus tour”

  • Buzz Price:

    Danielle, can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed following you … and Mr. Happypants, on this excursion, Not that I don’t enjoy your day to day posts, but I’ll be a little sad when you are back in Barrie.

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