BC was just a whole lot of fun and I was so glad to have the chance to go. I had an incredible experience just hanging out in Vancouver’s down town district. One of those times I was taken to a place that will stay in my top food favorites forever. Thomas Haas Chocolates. To die for. Angie introduced me to one of her indulgences the double baked croissant. Oh My Goodness. It is beyond good. If you ever have a chance go and get one. Flakey yummy super delicate crunchy not too sweet perfect mouthfuls of pastry and almondy goodness. So very indulgent. I will crave this forever.

Plus their chocolates are incredible little morsels of chocolate crafstmanship

My husband Vlad arrived in Vancouver (he had his own adventure of a cancelled plane and a 6 hour layover in Calgary) and we all had a good time getting ready for the competition.

After the multiples of trips around Vancouver etc to get supplies and stuff it was really time to head up the mountain to Whistler. Wow.

I got to go with Angie. I was so glad she drove since I don’t think I stopped taking pictures the entire drive up…. beyond beautiful majestic and captivating.

The competition was a lot of fun. Different to be at the base of a mountain. Never had so much luxury either. Our suite was gorgeous and HUGE.

Overall it was great to see everyone and a huge thrill to be there.

We came so close but we had to settle for a reserve Grand Championship. Pork Butt 2nd place Brisket 3rd place Chicken 8th place Ribs 11th place Congratulations were extended to Rob & Jacy from Prairie Smoke n Spice for their GC!!!!

Additionally the day before the comp we came in 10th out of 50 in burger and 3rd in King of the Grill with a 198 out of 200 pts out of 50.

We had a blast being on the mountain and I hope to go back next year. Thanks again to our hosts Angie and Dennis.


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