MMMMM Short Ribs & Sugar snap pea salad

I love a great short rib. I love beef ribs period.

I was craving some short ribs and had some company for dinner so it was a great night to make them.

Hovey’s Gourmet meats is where I got these beauties that had some terrific marbling and a good amount of beefy goodness.

I generously seasoned them with Traegers Prime Rib Rub and some additional sprigs of rosemary. Onto the grill for 3 hours at 250F.

While the ribs were getting happy I made a side salad. Sugar snap peas shelled, blanched and shocked.

Then I made the dressing. Thinly sliced red onions, segments of orange all marinated in a mixture of Kozliks Amazing Maple mustard, Sunrise Vinegar by Mr. Vinegar, salt, pepper, summer savory, and chives.

Tossed together and rested for a couple of hours in the fridge it was a nice fresh pairing contrasting  the decadence of the ribs:

Due to the heat wave we are experiencing we are eating dinner outside much later (thats my excuse and apology for the poor pictures). The ribs after 3 hours at 250F had some great color. I added 2 cups of low sodium vegetable stock to each pan and covered them to let them braise and tenderize for another hour.  I removed the pan juices and reduced them by half. I added some port and some grilled mushrooms. Served on the side.   They were lovely and delicious.

We paired the meal with a wonderful riesling!

One Response to “MMMMM Short Ribs & Sugar snap pea salad”

  • Dinner looks fantastic! Sounds like a great pairing of ingredients, the flavor combinations must have been perfect! Reisling would be a refreshing addition. We are now in our hot time also, weekly breaking of 100 degree days are just starting! I feel for ya!


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